Bad Habits Keeps You in Poverty

Drug addiction is one of the most challenging experiences anyone could undergo. But with enough financial security, anyone addicted to drugs can find the resources to build a better life. Whether you’ve already left detox or are just now working with an addictions counselor, there are plenty of reasons to want to focus on your finances. For now, know that as long as you’re abusing drugs, you’re most likely going to continue living without much money. Here are three reasons that are happening.

1. You spend all the money you need now

If you’re in poverty, you might need money for items like toiletries and food. Later, you might need money to pick up your medication or catch an Uber to an appointment. Days from now, you might have to pay for an emergency house expense. Because of all the money, you’re using on drugs, you might not have enough money to keep up with all the other priorities worth your time. That might mean taking care of a relative or having enough money to get to work. Or, being able to afford something healthy or having to rely on junk food to get through. No matter what, you keep more money in your pocket when you don’t spend what you need. The money you need now will eventually accumulate if you don’t wipe out your bank account.

2. You can’t save money you’ll need later

While making money is important, you’ll still need to save for later. In the future, a major purchase or emergency could occur, any of which could force you outside your comfort zone to make the payment. That’s why it’s so important to save money for later. But you can’t put money aside when you habitually use drugs. Abusing drugs will likely leave your bank account depleted, or worse, leave you behind on your bills and other financial responsibilities. If you’re thinking about your finances in terms of the future, know how important it is to save money today. Save money today by eliminating your drug use once and for all. In the end, you’ll have more money to spend on things you want rather than only the things you need.

3. You waste money on drug-related purchases

Sometimes, you won’t spend money on drugs directly. Some drugs will stimulate your appetite and lower your inhibition. You might behave more recklessly. Consequently, you might spend large amounts of money on everything from food to gambling. Drug-related purchases also include the purchase of drug paraphernalia. They also include the costs of traveling to and from a meeting location. Sometimes, you waste money fixing mistakes you made because you were under the influence. So, if you ever wanted an excuse to quit using drugs, know that drug-related purchases can eat away at your wallet. In the long run, you’ll find yourself wasting hundreds of dollars. And still not have the money you need to get enough of the drugs you want. Fortunately, today is the day to stop wasting your money. Stop abusing drugs and you’ll have a happier and brighter future.

Many people who abuse drugs don’t understand how much money they’re wasting. Even when they do, they make the mistake of continuing to abuse substances. The truth is that you’re wasting money by not putting anything away for later. And, you’re also wasting money by making drug-related purchases. No matter how you look at it, you’re spending the money you need now. But now is the time to take charge of your future. Starting today, view more to gain more information about recovery and freedom from addiction. You’ll be glad you took the step to stay free from substances.

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