Is Barack and Emily Hampshire the Same Girl?

Emily Hampshire is an American television actress. She was born in 1980, Portage, Idaho, Canada. Her original name is Elizabeth Hurley. She is now known as Emily Hampshire.

Today, Emily is best known for her starring role in the TV shows, Raising Helen and The Amazing Race. In these shows, she has been portrayed as an intelligent and perceptive young woman, and her main rival in the show has been her friend, played by guest star, Alvey Barnes. Her net worth is almost $1 million. Most of her fame so far has come from the role she plays in the Raising Helen TV show. She was also nominated for an Oscar for her role.

Rave Reviews

Recently, however, Emily has been receiving rave reviews for her role as the adorable teddy bear in the children’s book, The Princess & Mr. Bear. This picture book is very popular among toddlers and pre-school kids. Its sales have been soaring, and it has reached number one on the children’s book list, beating out the Harry Potter series.

Cute teddy bear Role

Aside from her role as the cute teddy bear in Raising Helen, Emily has also been getting her own stage and movie career. She has been cast as a love interest in the TV series, Sabrina. Her role as this character is not yet released, but in the TV show, it is being hinted that she will have a much bigger role to play in the future. The TV shows have been receiving good reviews, especially for the refreshing and heartwarming messages about a pre-teen, girl power, and friendship. There have been many positive guest stars such as Allison Mack and Dexter Authenthal.

Upcoming film

There is also talk of an upcoming film about the adventures of Rufusofthe lovable kitty in the Creek. However, no official release date has yet been given. On the other hand, Emily has not yet denied reports that she is already filming Sabrina. In fact, during a promotional appearance in Toronto, she had said that filming for the second season of the TV series is already underway in the city.

Recent Trip to Washington D.C

A while ago, Emily had released pictures from a recent trip to Washington D.C. where she was visiting her good friend, American journalist Rachel Ware. In the pictures, the cute kitty was seen roaming around the National Mall, which can be interpreted as a sign that the two have fallen in love. The cute kitty was also spotted at the White House, making it clear that they are indeed a couple and have become great friends of President Barack Obama. It was also said that the couple got engaged on that very day while they were on their way to the United Nations headquarters.

Emily Hampshire Instagram

Meanwhile, the Emily Hampshire teddy Geiger Instagram page has recently been updated with pictures of the two cute celebrities. They are seen hanging out together at a Los Angeles restaurant. Fans of the celebrity were excited because they finally found a face similar to their favorite celebrity. There were even those who called them princesses, expressing their desire to have a pet of their own.


Although there are speculations that the two actors are actually the same person, it is still impossible to verify that. What we do know is that the first appearance of Emily Hampshire and the first glimpse of President Barack on the photostream are absolutely amazing. It looks like they are a couple that shares a deep affection for each other, adorning each other’s footsteps as they take each step on the red carpet. With these new developments, we can only hope that the hype that’s been surrounding the Emily Hampshire net worth is true.

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