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How To Beat Instagram Algorithm: 5 Proven Hacks

Wait, there is also an Instagram algorithm!

Yes, there is, and do you know what they do?

No, they do not cut down on your creativity, as naturally, that is the first thing that will come to your mind wherever you hear the word Instagram algorithm.

Rather, there are tips that can just help you gain more organic followers and gain more organic likes on your Instagram account.

If you have stumbled across this article to find some of the proven ways in which you can hack into the Instagram algorithm 2022, then you have reached the right place.

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How To Beat Instagram Algorithm

There are ways in which you cannot unethically hack an Instagram algorithm. Yes, you can buy your followers and likes, but at the end of the day, if no one is providing you with that organic traffic, or that organic view, it is all in vain.

Thus, here are ways in which you can beat the Instagram Algorithm.

1. Niche Consistency

Only when you are consistent with your niche will you be able to fool Instagram in terms of the trending posts.

If you are posting consistently, with the hashtags and the tags of the relevant niches, whenever someone will type in looking in that particular genre, Instagram will automatically recommend your name. 

2. Comments & Likes Encouragement

When you are getting comments and likes, do not disregard them in the back of your mind. Rather, you can very much increase your customer engagement and literally build a community with the help of these comments.

Thus, make sure that you do not ignore them.

3. Engagement Through Stories & Collaborations

Stories are such a big weapon; you have no idea!

Thus, ensure that you are taking full advantage of it.

Use these stories to create engaging polls and surveys where you can take suggestions from your users themselves.

Collaborating with someone who belongs to the same niche as you might also help you to attract their followers as well.

4. Always Follow The Trend

No matter what the trend is, you always have to be the first person there!

It can be difficult to be the trendsetter sometimes. However, when you think about it, you can always be the one who introduced that trend to their followers.

Believe me!

That makes a mark.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Instagram algorithm or any algorithm which helps you boost your SEO, as a matter of fact, is a vast entity.

A few words wouldn’t be enough to explain it all.

It is very natural that you will have questions about it, and we are here to answer them for you.

We have scoured through the internet and gotten some of the frequently asked questions, which can help you get some more insights about the Instagram algorithm.

1. Can You Really Hack The Instagram Algorithm?

Ans. When we talk about hacking the Instagram algorithm, we are not really talking about the actually unethical hacking of Instagram.

Over here, we are basically focussing on the very ethical tricks and tips that will help you penetrate the complexities of the Instagram algorithm and make it much more simple and understandable.

It is all about getting to know what your social media followers want.

2. Why Is Instagram Reach So Low?

Ans. It all depends on when you are posting.

You could be posting excellent content. However, if your target audience is not active at that time, you might not be able to reach them.

Thus, a part of learning about the Instagram algorithm is also to ensure that the scheduling is done correctly.

3. What Are Banned Hashtags?

Ans. Whenever you are putting hashtags, be very aware of the banned hashtags as they can break your Instagram reach and get that organic traffic.

Banned hashtags are the ones that go against the Instagram guidelines, and by using them, you are giving Instagram the right to hide your post.

Plus, an act like this could be extremely harmful to your Instagram algorithm.


The Instagram algorithm is something that will help you hack into the world of Instagram without any buying or selling of followers.

Just be alert about when your followers are active, and ensure that you are engaging just at that time.

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