How to Build the Perfect Multiple Monitor Setup for You

Are you finally ready to get your very own multi-monitor system? Are you going to go straight for more than two monitors or start with dual monitor setups? Yes, you have several questions to answer so you can plan ahead in terms of budget and room space. Regardless, the setup process is the same whether you start with two screens or go straight for the ultimate 6 monitor setup. Check out for more details on the best equipment in the industry. 

Installing your 6 Monitor Setup 

Naturally, it’s your personal choice for how you want to use your 6 monitor setup. For example, is it mainly for gaming and home cinema nights? Most people will also use it for work, communication, and online shopping. 

However you use your multiple monitors, there are a few steps to go through to create the perfect 6 monitor setup: 

  • Check Computer Specifications 
  • Decide your Graphics Card Approach
  • Choose Monitor Screens 
  • Plan the Cables 
  • Display settings 

Check Computer Specifications 

First, you’ll need to make sure your own computer can actually support multiple monitor setups. As you can imagine, it will be working harder than if it’s just powering one screen. So you need at least 16GB of RAM. You might want to consider 32GB if you’re gaming and trading but you’ll still survive with 16GB. 

You might also want to check your input ports for your multi-monitor setup. Most computers have two video ports although the more top-of-the-range ones might have extra ports. This usually happens when you have a discrete graphics card that comes with more ports. If not, you’ll either need to get external video ports or upgrade your computer. 

Decide your Graphics Card Approach

Display adapters are sometimes referred to as graphics cards or simply as video cards. This piece of the hardware enables all your images and graphics across your 6 monitor setup. Most motherboards have an integrated graphics card that should be at least 4GB. 

Professional gamers often decide to build their own computer with an external graphics card. This allows them to get an even more powerful graphics card of 8GB or even 10 or 12 to optimize their gaming experience with their 6 monitor setup. 

Choose Monitor Screens 

These days, you can find very affordable TN panels for your 6 monitor setup. While these are at the lower end of the budget range, they give very good resolution and the highest response time speed. If you want better color and contrast ratio, perhaps for watching films, you might want to consider IPS or VA panels. 

Plan the Cables 

Depending on what video ports you have, you might need some conversion cables for your 6 monitor setup. Examples include DVI to HDMI or VGA to HDMI cable. There are many other options but again, that’s why some people choose to upgrade their computers and plan ahead for their video ports. Although, it’s worth noting that most stay away from VGA because it’s an analog connector with a performance drop for images. 

You might also want to think about where you’re going to place your 6 monitor setup. Clearly, you don’t want to be too far from your power supply unit. Moreover, you’ll need extra space not just for your multiple monitors but also for the perfect chair. It would be a shame to have the perfect multi-monitor setup but as you start playing your new game, you realize just how uncomfortable your chair is. 

Display settings 

Once you have everything, you can finally connect your 6 monitor setup. First, you have to configure your system to make sure your monitors are displaying what you want. When you go into display settings, make sure that all the screens are identified and you can then click on the one you want to use as your main display. 

From the drop-down menu, you can also ‘extend display’ to make your monitor screens work individually. Alternatively, you can choose ‘duplicate display’ to watch your favorite film across all your monitor screens. 

Multiple Monitor Setup

Final Recommendations for Building the Perfect 6 Monitor Setup 

Think about what you need your multi-monitor setup for and whether it’s more of a work thing or for entertainment. This will help you determine what type of specification you need for your computer and graphics cards. After that, you have fun buying all your awesome equipment and connecting it. Luckily, most computers detect extra monitors straight away and display settings are simple to follow. 

Don’t forget to arrange your room to have the right space and cable management. You’ll then appreciate it during the day as a working environment and perhaps switch the lights when you want to watch films. Either way, you’ll have a lot of fun with your 6 monitor setup and you’ll find that it’s easier than it looks to connect and enjoy. 

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