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How to Choose the Best Residential Refrigerator

A residential refrigerator can last for 14 to 27 years on average! At the rate technology has been advancing, you may not know what new refrigerators include today.

Finding the perfect new refrigerator can be tough. If you don’t make the right considerations before buying, you could be stuck with a refrigerator that isn’t right for you.

In this residential refrigerator guide, we go over all the factors you should consider when you are looking to buy a new fridge.

Keep reading to learn all about the options you can choose from when you look for a new refrigerator.

Consider Your Kitchen’s Layout

The size and layout of your kitchen is the first thing you should consider when you are picking out a new residential refrigerator. Nearly all homes have a designated space for their refrigerator that you will want to measure.

Instead of measuring your current fridge for its dimensions, measure the space it fits into. Your current refrigerator may not be maximizing its space.

Carefully measure the width, depth, and height. Then measure it a second time or even a third. The floor and walls where your fridge sat could be warped or uneven. Measuring each length will help you in the long run.

Once every inch is measured, account for some buffer room. Your refrigerator should not sit snuggly in its spot. There should be about 1 inch of wiggle room on the top and sides and 2 inches on the back.

Jamming a fridge into a tight spot can force it to work harder and improperly cool itself. Doing this can shorten its life span and the life span of the food you keep in it.

Don’t forget to measure the rest of your kitchen. You should account for the refrigerator door swinging open. Will it hit your kitchen island or something else? This will be important when you choose the type of fridge.

Measure your doorways too. You will be unhappy if you buy a fridge that you can’t fit through the doorway. Make a path and be sure it can get from the driveway to your kitchen without getting stuck.

What Type of Residential Refrigerator Do You Like?

When you are choosing a residential refrigerator, you should know the three main types. They are standard depth, built-in, counter-depth refrigerators.

Standard depth refrigerators are around 30 to 34 inches wide and 70 inches tall. They tend to be larger than counter-depth refrigerators, and they are one of the most common types you’ll see.

Built-in refrigerators are shallower than the standard. They fit flush with your counters for a clean and customized look. Often, they make up for space by being wider and taller. These fridges also need special installation.

Counter-depth refrigerators are similar to built-in, but they won’t look as customized. They are shallow, wide, and they fit flush to your counters. Unlike built-in refrigerators, you can often do a standard installation.

Once you have decided on the type of refrigerator that you like, you can begin with the fun customizations like the style, features, and color.

What Style of Residential Refrigerator Do You Like?

There are four main types of residential refrigerators. They are French door, side-by-side, top freezer, and bottom-freezer refrigerators.

French doors are a popular option, especially for those who have limited space for their refrigerator doors. They feature twin doors that open the refrigerator section and a bottom freezer.

Side-by-sides have two long doors that reach from the bottom to the top of the refrigerator. Typically, the right side is the refrigerator, and the left is the freezer.

Top freezer refrigerators have full-width doors for the refrigerator and freezer sections. They often come with reversible doors that allow them to open easily in any space. These have a traditional look that has the freezer at eye level.

Bottom-freezer refrigerators are just the opposite of top freezers. In these, the freezer is at your feet, and the fridge is at eye level. Most bottom freezer refrigerators use a pullout freezer drawer instead of a door.

The Capacity and Storage

When you are buying a residential refrigerator, you must consider the amount of storage you will need. If you have a family of four or more people, you may want something that can accommodate your Costco runs.

Always make sure you look at the capacity of your prospective refrigerator and compare that to the capacity of your current fridge. If the fridge you have now fits all your food perfectly, find another with a similar capacity.

Look at the storage compartments as well. Consider your produce, the size of the items you keep in your fridge, and the number of drawers you would like to have.

What Kinds of Features Do You Need?

You shouldn’t spend money on features you won’t use or buy a fridge with not enough features.

One common feature you will have to decide for or against is an ice maker and water dispenser. They will add to the price of your fridge, but a built-in water dispenser with a Frigidaire filter will save you time with filtered water.

Also, consider the adjustable glass shelves, gallon-size door bins, humidity control drawers, and pantry drawers. Each of these could help your organization or take up unnecessary space depending on you.

The Color and Finish

Refrigerators come in many different colors and finishes to fit your kitchen’s style. Stainless steel refrigerators have been a favorite of many for years now. They are sleek and almost always look good.

Yet, it is difficult to find a stainless steel fridge that doesn’t attract fingerprints. If that is an issue for you, there are a ton of other options.

Slate, black stainless, glossy black, and white are commonly found in any residential refrigerator store. Bold colors and prints are also available, but they are often difficult to find, and they don’t come in as many options.

Get Your New Residential Refrigerator

When you need a new residential refrigerator, you need to make several choices before you begin shopping around. Do your best not to skip any of these steps so you can find the best refrigerator for your kitchen.

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