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How to Create an Automated Quality Assurance Program

Creating an Automated Quality Assurance (QA) program is an essential step for any call center that aims to deliver exceptional customer service. Automating the QA process eliminates human errors, reduces costs, and saves time. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to write your own Automated QA program for call centers.

Step 1: Define your QA metrics

The first step in creating an Automated QA program is to define the metrics that you want to measure. These metrics should be relevant to your call center’s goals and objectives. Some of the common QA metrics are call resolution time, first call resolution rate, customer satisfaction score, and call abandonment rate.

Step 2: Choose a QA tool

The next step is to choose a QA tool that can automate the QA process. There are several QA tools available in the market, such as Scorebuddy, CallFinder, and NICE inContact. Choose a tool that aligns with your QA metrics and budget.

Step 3: Develop a QA scorecard

A QA scorecard is a tool that measures how well a call center agent performs during a customer interaction. It is essential to develop a QA scorecard that is aligned with your QA metrics. The scorecard should evaluate the agent’s communication skills, product knowledge, and problem-solving abilities.

Step 4: Train your agents

Training your agents on the QA process is crucial to ensure that they understand the importance of the program. Train them on the QA metrics, how the QA tool works, and how to use the QA scorecard.

Step 5: Implement the program

Once you have defined your QA metrics, chosen a QA tool, developed a QA scorecard, and trained your agents, it’s time to implement the program. Start with a small group of agents and gradually expand the program to cover all agents.

Step 6: Monitor the program

Monitor the program to ensure that it is achieving the desired results. Track the metrics, evaluate the scorecard, and gather feedback from agents and customers. Use the data to make improvements to the program.

By following these steps, you can create an Automated QA program that can revolutionize your call center’s customer support. Automated QA programs can help you to identify areas for improvement, train agents, and deliver exceptional customer service. With the right tools and processes in place, your call center can take customer support to the next level.


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