How You Can Maintain Your Fence?

The most common medium to protect your house, private property, public property, or commercial/residential property is the fence. Almost everyone has them around their property to provide themselves an environment that is safe and sound. There are various types of fences. The most common being the wood and vinyl ones. However, the purpose for both is the same. The most common mistake that people make with fences is that they fail to maintain them properly, and end up getting frequent Fence Repairs because their fences rot or get ruined frequently. But that would not be the case if you maintain them properly.

You must be perplexed how I can maintain them?

To get the answer to this question, you have to stick with us till the end of this article. Rinse Every month you have to rinse the fence once or twice every month thoroughly. The easiest way to rinse it properly is by using a garden hose. Yes, you read that right. Just affix a spray nozzle with the garden hose and rinse the fence. This step will assist in the removal of all the build-up dirt and will prevent its permanent adhesion with the fence. 

Use Detergent or Bleach

For deep cleansing of the fence, you can use either detergent or bleach. But keep in mind that the bleach must be mild. Otherwise, it may end up damaging the fence. With time fungus, mildew, and molds build up on the fence. They can’t be removed by simple water rinsing. So, if you want to get rid of them, you will have to use a toothbrush with detergent/bleach water. Dip the brush in water and scratch on the surfaces where the mold/fungus has grown. Trust us, this step works wonders even for removing stubborn stains. 

Apply Stain and Sealer

The above-mentioned methods were for vinyl fences particularly but don’t worry if you have a wood fence because we have got you covered. You can prevent your wood fence from rotting or getting damaged by applying wood stains. Clean the fence properly and apply the stain in two or three coats thoroughly.

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Next, to ensure resilience and durability, you can seal the stain by applying a sealant. You can apply it by using a spray rig. Both steps will develop weather resistance which is an integral component because wood fences get damaged in extreme weather conditions. 

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