Identifying Signs Of Substance Use In A Spouse

Do you suspect your loved one is into drugs or substances? Most people don’t like disclosing their habits to their loved ones because they fear hurting them. Some people abuse substances and drugs for a long time without getting into addiction, so you may not realize quickly.

Changed Sleeping Patterns

Most drugs and substances are stimulants and can cause excessive sleep, especially during the day. Some users stay awake for long hours. Investigate why your loved ones have sleep disturbances, since it may also signify depression.

Getting New Friends

When someone is into drugs, they tend to hang out with fellow addicts. They also change hanging spots and distance themselves from old friends to hide their behavior.

Loss Of Interest In Grooming

After continued use of substances, the habit becomes a priority, and users rarely have time for self-care. Some even forget to bathe, brush their teeth or attend to their hair. This is because drugs affect mental health.

Change In Behaviors

Substance use alters the functional and chemical structure of the brain. This can cause a drastic change in behaviors. You may notice a cool person becoming aggressive and agitated for no reason. Others become over-energetic.


Your spouse may not want you to know they are into drugs, especially if they’re taking illegal substances. In most cases, they isolate themselves from families to avoid questioning. They also ensure the door is locked when alone in the room or spending hours outside the home.

Signs of Withdrawal

The major withdrawal symptoms include fatigue, shakiness, nausea, fever, muscle pain, and tremors. If you see such signs, your spouse may be struggling with addiction. Some symptoms may turn fatal, so it’s best to seek medical attention immediately, even if you are unsure of the cause. Also, be on the look-for drug overdose signs and find out more to save your loved ones.

Needle Marks

People who use injectable drugs have marks on their hands, legs, and feet. Some wounds become infected due to poor hygiene. Most addicts hide the marks by wearing long-sleeved shirts/blouses. If your spouse has such marks, they are likely to get into drugs.

Strange Smells

Some substances like alcohol, bhang, or meth have unusual smells, although users try to cover up using sprays or burning incense. However, some of these smells will be left on clothes, skin, or inside the car. You may also notice a strange smell in your breath.

Financial Struggles

Drugs and substances are expensive. The more a person is into addiction, the more money they spend supporting their habit. If your spouse has an increased need for money without a valid reason, it is likely they are into drugs. Some people even steal at home or borrow from friends.

Relationship Problems

Addicted spouses rarely support their relationship. The changed behavior, lack of sexual urge, and isolation affect relationships. If your partner no longer prioritizes your union, they are likely into drugs, and they fear you might find out.

Presence Of Drug Paraphernalia

The presence of cigarette wrappings, bottles, syringes, lighters, and other devices is a sign your spouse is into drugs. Since you share the same room, they hide drugs in the study room or in the car.

Neglecting Responsibilities

Once someone is in addiction, they only value substances. Some stop paying bills and leave the burden to their partners. They also stop engaging in family activities and concentrate on drugs.

It is heartbreaking to know your spouse is into drugs. However, knowing the signs can help you save them from addiction. Check the physical, behavioral, and psychological signs of addiction, and seek medical assistance.

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