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Games like HuniePop are getting more popular nowadays, especially for smartphone users. The reason behind this trend is that it is entertaining and also provides the player with a lot of benefits. First of all, it is perfect for those people who do not like complicated stories and plots.

This game is basically about a group of teenagers in a certain city who have to solve a series of mystery cases. Players can choose from different heroes and use every element available to create their own unique set of characters.

Top 4 Games like HuniePop

There are a lot of games like Hunie Pop Android which offer the same features and benefits.

1. Rance

The first game like huniepop Android which we are going to look at is Rance. It is actually a multi-faceted crime story about a young girl, Rance, who becomes the new owner of a very exclusive boutique. A lot of problems start off with Rance’s first day at the shop as she has trouble understanding certain things about her shop and customers. Her curiosity about them leads her to investigate and discover a whole lot of secret information about her shop and its customers. The entire game revolves around a single thread as Rance tries to solve mysteries and complete tasks which will help her earn money to support herself and her friends.

2. Shira Oka

Another one of the games like huniepop Android is called Shira Oka. It deals with a young girl who gets transferred into an alternate world where she is tasked to find out why there is a sudden increase in crime all over town. The protagonist of this story, a girl called Shira Oka, also has a unique power – she can control the weather. And with this, she is able to stop an impending typhoon and save the town.


The game-like huniepop that we are going to look at is called IOSB. This game is one that is similar to huniepop but it is on the IOS platform. The IOSB mobile app is used for playing augmented reality games on your mobile phone. A lot of different things happen in these augmented reality games such as a character with a smartphone presents you with a scene full of objects. You need to choose from them and then click on them to open up their information or look at them, and so on.

4. Dandelion Dreams

The third game like huniepop android which is called Dandelion Dreams brings a unique twist to the genre. Instead of a puzzle-solving experience, you actually get to have a dream that is being created by a robot.

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The robot is asking you to help him get to his home because his house has been destroyed. In the dream, the robot’s son is being killed by a scorpion. This makes the game more interesting because instead of the answer being a yes or no, it now becomes a very subjective experience.

So how does this new gameplay out?

You go into your favorite internet search engine and find the IOSB games like huniepop game and Dandelion Dreams. Once you find these, you then proceed to the next step which is to install the games on your mobile phone. Once you do this, you will then be ready to start playing the games like huniepop game and Dandelion Dreams immediately after installation. These games have been modified for touch screen functionality. They also support the Android notification center feature which is very popular among smartphone users.

Now another interesting game comes in to picture; here you have to fulfill the character’s wishes brought to you by the story’s storyline. There are different wishes brought to you by the story and they depend on the personality of the male characters. When these wishes are fulfilled, you get to move forward in your relationship with the male character who had earlier promised to you that he would love you.

The storyline of these games similar to huniepop involves a story about two friends who had to travel across the country in order to meet each other. They both manage to get to the other’s home but soon fall in love with each other and wish to spend their lives with one another. When the time comes where they manage to accomplish their wish. They both fall in love and share their life with each other.

Final Verdict

The point of all the games like huniepop is that it has managed to fit well into the busy lives of modern people. The story is very funny and at times odd, which makes the game more fun to play. Most people who download these games end up playing them again simply because they cannot get enough of the game. Many people who have played these games feel that they are virtual stories told in an exciting manner while using the advanced technology of mobile phones. These games are not only fun to play but also offer a variety of activities like interacting with friends and enjoying the sights and sounds of virtual towns and cities.

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