Tadiandamol Trek: A Detailed Beginners Guide

Tadiandamol Trek:

The tadiandamol trek is a very popular trail among trekking groups. This trial will take you to the highest peak of Kodagu district which is known as the third highest peak of Karnataka district. This track will test your energy level as an experienced tracker. This trail can only be used by pedestrians, a person full of energy and strength can easily take this trail.

The Best Season to Follow Tadiandamol Trek:

The best season to follow tadiandamol trek. September to February.

Due to the high temperature in the summer season, it can cause forest fires. Therefore, hiking is prohibited during the summer season (April to June).

In fact, the area could experience heavy rainfall during the monsoon season. If you want to take a monsoon trail, be prepared with all the right gear because these trail difficulties increase when you go during the peak monsoon.

Difficult Parts:

  • It was not a difficult part to keep in mind while trekking.
  • Increases in forest areas can be slippery.
  • Make sure you are wearing the right trekking shoes.
  • Take two tracking bets with you.
  • It will be very difficult to cross the forest.
  • In the case of the rainy season, the top of the peak will be very slippery.
  • GPS is recommended while riding.

How to Get to Tadiandamol trek:

The journey starts from a small village called Durkake, 25 km from Varajapet, an important town in the Warped district of Karnataka’s Madikeri district. Virajpet is located on the border of both the states of Karnataka and Kerala.

Go to Tadiandamol in your own car:

Do you Plan to Reach Kakbe by car?

If yes! Take the Mysore Highway from Bangalore, your goal is to turn first, you will enjoy the whole ride until you reach the sharp left turn of Armane turn.

Permission and camping on the tadiandamol trek:

If you are going on a trail, you have to get permission from tadiandamol trek. It falls under the Bhagamandala Range forest of Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. You will later arrive at a checkpoint on the trail during the trek.

The registration fee will be Rs. 100 per person.

Staying Close to the Steep Slope:

During the track, if you are staying overnight, there were some options before the track started. In addition, there are some stations to choose from. So there will be no fear of being safe overnight.

Timetable on Tadiandamol Trek:

Only trekkers are allowed to follow daily between 6 am and 6 pm, even at 2:30 pm, you are not allowed to follow at the forest checkpoint for security reasons. The trail will start before morning and before noon. This track lasts 3 to 4 hours.

Therefore, you are not allowed to start your journey in the afternoon

Food and water sources:

Cocktails will be your last resort.

For Water Resources – You can also find two river waterfalls on the trail. It will keep flowing very clean and cold water. This water will be pure.

Bhagamandala Forest Department:

 During trekking, in case of emergency, you can contact the Forest Office of Bhagamandala Forest Division. They provide a contact number for any emergency, you can contact the Pan-Indian Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) # 112.

On-track ATMs and Networks:

Vending Machines: Where the two villages of Varajit and Napoclo are located, these are the cities with the nearest vending machines. But, to avoid risk, it is better to keep some cash with you.

Mobile Networks: You get good coverage for BSNL and Geo.

If you are carrying a Vodafone SIM card, it does not require good communication with the trail. So it would be better to get another additional SIM card.

Packaging For Tadiandamol Trek:

The first basic first aid kit.

  • Hat/scarf/bandana and sunglasses
  • Any proof of identity card.
  • Solar cream
  • Water (at least two liters)
  • Any other powder/drink in lemons and salt
  • High-calorie breakfast.
  • Easy drying t-shirts.
  • Hard plastic sheet-wrapped electronic devices (during the monsoon).

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