Tips: Best Score In ICSE Class 10 Mathematics Examination

Under the guidance of the ICSE, students found Mathematics in Class 10 to be one of the highest-scoring subjects. It mainly consists of numbers and concepts based on them. Thus, students can easily understand concepts and solve problems with ease.

The stress of facing the board exam will be high in the minds of the students. Solving textbook problems regularly using regular study material will help you perform well on exams.

In order to get a good idea of the important concepts, students are advised to first understand the weight of the marks awarded for each program and each concept. Students should use Selina class 9 maths in the final year as most of the concepts are still in class 10. Key concepts are discussed in simple form in solutions to build a solid foundation of concepts from base among students.

Mathematics is a subject that takes a lot of practice. The ICSE Selena Manual is designed by a set of professors with extensive experience in the relevant field. Students must solve all of the problems in the textbook to understand these types of questions asked in board exams. There are a number of pre-exercise examples to help you understand how to easily solve complex problems.

How to do well on the ICSE class 10 maths exam?

  1. Understand the program developed by the ICSE Council and work on the chapters accordingly. By doing this, students will recognize the concepts that are important from an exam point of view and work on them to achieve better scores.


  1. Write down key formulas and ideas for solving complex problems. It should be offered daily so that they are remembered without any difficulty.


  1. Solve any textbook problems a few months before the exam. This will give students time to learn difficult concepts depending on their importance and the weight of the notes.


  1. Students who have no doubts during class hours can use the various study materials available online. Students can be used according to their needs, by chapter, or by exercise.


  1. After answering the questions in the textbook, students should solve the flexible papers from last year to get a feel for frequently asked questions. This will help improve students’ time management skills which are important for the exam.


  1. Revision plays an important role in the success of board exams. In Class 10, students are recommended to solve problems before the exam and review them regularly for best performance.


Getting good grades in a subject like maths is the dream of most students. It is very easy to pass the exam well because the subject contains only numeric marks. Using the points described here, students will be able to do well on board exams.

Students can also refer to Selina maths Class 10 so that their questions can be clarified immediately. These solutions also include various ways of solving complex problems which are explained in the plain language according to the ICSE board exam style.

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