Top Tricks to Increase Your Blog Popularity

Everybody knows, that the most important component of a really good and popular blog is its content. And even if you
do everything right to attract readers (we mean SEO), your blog won’t be popular if there is no interesting, useful, and really informative content in it.

Let’s imagine, that all your posts are good, you write interesting articles, give much information to your readers, and it seems really useful and must-know. What’s next? Are there any tricks to increase your blog’s popularity?

Here is the list of 10 useful tips to increase blog popularity that can help you deal with that. Probably, you’ve tried some of them already, but it’s never late to refresh your mind and make your blog better.

1. Exchange articles with other bloggers. Ask some well-known bloggers to write an article for you and give a backlink to your blog. Big chances are that this blogger’s readers will visit your blog after reading it.

2. Comment on other blogs. If your comments are informative and useful for other bloggers, the chances are they will read your blog and will give some links to it afterward. These bloggers’ readers can find your blog in such away.

3. Write a plugin. Write your own plugin for WordPress or improve the current one. If it’s useful for other bloggers, they will provide some backlinks to your blog.

4. Offer some tests. Users like sharing different tests in their social profiles, answer questions to find out something new about themselves. You can use this trick to attract their interest: post some interesting tests to your blog, and let people share it and comment on it.

5. Make lists. People like reading different lists of some advice, rules, or methods of how to solve this or that problem. Such lists as “Top 10 rules for…” or “5 best tricks to…” will definitely become popular among your readers, and they will comment on them or share them with their friends on social networks.

6. Write about success, not a failure. Users don’t like reading stories of a loser who complains about his bad and poor life. Be positive, tell about your success and achievements. Your blog should inspire readers, not make them depressed.

7. Talk to your readers. Never ignore the comments your readers leave! Be polite, answer their questions, make them believe you can be their friend.

8. Your blog’s address. Write it everywhere you can: your e-mail, your Facebook or ICQ status, your postcard, etc. Everyone whom you talk to will see it and visit your blog to know you better. It can bring you some traffic anyway.

9. Use catchy titles. Think twice before giving a title to your post. This is the first thing your visitors will notice, and your task is to make them wanna continue reading the article itself.

10. Use podcasts. This is a guarantee of your blog’s popularity. Try adding some video-podcasts for example.

Your readers should feel that you write your posts for them, not for search engines. Ask for their opinion, motivate them to comment on your articles… The more comfortable people feel reading your blog – the more chances are they will come to read it again and again. Hope these tips to increase your blog popularity will help you.

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