Top Tools & Appliances for the 2023 Mobile Hairstylist

Making people look good is a very rewarding way to spend your time and the self-employed mobile stylist manages to fit all her gear into a hatchback; have tools can travel. If you feel that styling hair is for you but don’t know where to start, here is a list of appliances, scissors, blow dryers and bits of kit you will need.

  • All purpose shears – Sizes range from 5.5” to 7” and most stylists would have at least two for thinning and cutting out, especially long hair. There are ergonomic versions that help with long projects; you will naturally develop a liking for shears that work for you!
  • Blending shears – If you want to soften lines or add some controlled texture, a pair of blending shears makes it easy. Evenly-spaced teeth meet a sharp bar for the perfect thinning; a good stylist can create miracles with blinding shear work.
  • Drying brush – Check out the hair dryer brush from a leading Australian salon equipment supplier, with many powerful features that allow you to get creative. Shopping online saves money and by reading the online reviews, you find out about how the product performs. A top-of-the-range styling blowout brush is a must-have for every top mobile stylist and the best prices are online.
  • Cordless power blow – The latest generation exceeds a stylist’s wildest dreams, slipped into its neat holder/charger, the blow dryer is ready for action and no nasty cables to worry about.
  • Curling iron – You need at least one iron for waving and curling and with a quick adjustment, you have a hair wand! There’s so much you can do with a good curling iron, plus a few attachments enable artistic work.
  • Razor – Essential for quick cutting; the set of blades allows you to really generate some volume, which is great for wild frizz! Find one with comfortable finger placement and insist on a top brand.
  • Paddle brush – The only way to effectively untangle hair, a paddle brush can also flap or volume wrap, which is a great tool. 
  • Comprehensive comb set – This is one of the most important tools in your arsenal and they need to be cleaned regularly. Both scissor and clipper-over-comb are great techniques for cutting and you will have a natural feel for a good comb, which might mean the set doesn’t match as far as brand goes. Some stylists have a black set and a white set to use as a contrast to the hair, which makes cutting easier. Black comb for blonde and white for dark hair.
  • Clips – You’ll need a set of section clips to manage hair when colouring and highlighting; choose clips that leave no mark on the hair; there are clips and there are clips, so do experiment and order a few online – eventually, you’ll come across the right clips to add to your styling kit.

If you are setting up a small business in Australia, you can claim for tools and equipment as a tax reduction and we hope that you become so busy, you decide to expand!

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