What are Some of the Account Based Marketing Techniques?

One of the essential skills for every marketer is understanding how to employ account-based marketing methods to turn leads into paying clients. Here are some of the best account-based marketing (ABM) methods to turn leads into verified, paying customers. If you are still struggling to understand this concept, find out what’s account based marketing

7 Best Account-Based Marketing Techniques

Below are the seven best account-based marketing techniques:

  1. Use Customer Feedback

Customers appreciate hearing from people who can relate to them. Promote yourself to potential customers similar to your current clientele by citing positive feedback and successful examples from your current clientele in case studies and testimonials.

  1. Advertise Your Products Online in a Specific Way

Waste and inefficiency are not tolerated in ABM. To your relief, narrowing your focus to a specific demographic is straightforward and productive for your marketing efforts. Make ads that appeal to specific demographics or companies instead of broadcasting blanket messages across the web.


With LinkedIn, for instance, you can easily target specific individuals within your target market with your ABM campaign.

  1. Adjust the Landing Pages of Your Website to Reflect Your Interests

You may view your website as providing a generic, one-size-fits-all user experience. We can avoid that scenario. Customer-specific landing pages loaded with relevant information are within your reach. Individualized content, promotions, and branding (including the client’s name and logo) can all be displayed on these account-specific sites to better serve the needs of the clientele, who are the intended audience for the page.

  1. Get Your Marketing and Sales Departments on the Same Page

The interaction between your marketing and sales teams is one of the key differentiating factors between account-based marketing and more conventional forms of advertising. In conventional marketing, the marketing department’s role is to generate leads for the sales department, which is then responsible for bringing the contract to a successful conclusion. 


However, with ABM, marketing and sales collaborate throughout the process to find, interact with, and ultimately win over their most valuable clients. Successful ABM requires perfect harmony between the marketing and sales departments.

  1. Keep Your Brand in the Minds of Your Accounts by Using Retargeting

Retargeting is a fantastic tool for keeping a single account’s employees interested in your brand while they peruse the web. Some recent developments in retargeting have apparent applications in account-based marketing initiatives.


For instance, Demandbase’s account-based insight and targeting service can track a vendor’s ideal clientele online by tracking their IP addresses. These users will see the advertiser’s ad whenever they visit any property in the Demandbase advertising network. Bizo and Retargeter are a couple of other B2B retargeting firms.

  1. Make Social Media Your Primary Means of Communication

Using social media, businesses may interact directly with their target audience. You want to find all the associated accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and other similar platforms after you have generated a list of ABM target accounts and highlighted some of the significant relationships through LinkedIn or their website. Engage with your network and keep tabs on what they’re up to by following and responding to their posts.

  1. Make Every Effort to Make a Good Impression

Offering freebies is one way to win over new clients and their loyalty. One variant of account-based marketing (ABM) that makes use of personalization and unique content is direct mail. Sending a prospect personalized direct mail shows that your company cares about them as a person, not just a potential customer.


Consumer, pause for a second and consider the value of this account-based marketing strategy that may appear pointless at first. Although the prospect has not yet become a client, you have learned enough about them to select a personalized gift, whether work-related or not, and present it to them as a token of appreciation.

What to Always Keep in Mind 

The effectiveness of an ABM campaign depends on teamwork across departments and a comprehensive analysis of potential customers. Your ABM efforts will only be successful if you have a thorough understanding of not only your ABM goals but also the personalities involved, the issues your prospects are facing, and the methods of communication they prefer.


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