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Trality has been touted as the forex platform of choice by thousands of traders that have come online to make it big. It’s easy to see why, since it allows its users to get started very quickly, without much hassle or learning curve. And, with the variety of programs available, you are sure to find one that works well with your personality and trading style. The platform is simple and easy to use.

Here’s what Tricity offers its users:

Real-Time Pricing:

The most unique feature of trality is its ability to offer real-time pricing plans to its members. These trinity exchanges are pre-programmed to generate specific trade signals based on the estimated market volume for a set time frame. So, with little effort, anyone can get the ball rolling by setting up an account and getting the Bot working for them.

Since the trinity exchanges are programmable, they can also be used to access underlying financial data from third-party exchanges. This data is available via an inbuilt API that is accessible to the Bot using the provided private API. This makes the trinity system almost completely self-sufficient. The API allows it to generate its own signals, with great accuracy, and as granular as required for any particular situation.

Rule Builder

Also available is a rule builder and news aggregator. The rule builder lets a new user build a rule by simply adding conditions and constraints. It then compiles this new rule into a useful and customizable signal. The news aggregator works similarly, except it also applies rules to news feeds and sends the generated information back to the member trader.

Mannulay Adjusted

A significant limitation of the trinity system is that the rules can be manually adjusted. Therefore, this feature cannot be considered a true forex trading robot. But, it is designed more for educational purposes than as a tool for automated trading. In addition, no external software is necessary to view, edit or manage the trinity interface. The only requirement is that a web browser is open since the Bot will use its own private web server.

Fully Forex Compatible

The major selling point of the trinity platform over other similar systems is that it is fully forex compatible. It is based on the tested and proven MetaTrader4 platform, which is widely used in the forex trading industry. This means that it is also easy to run on autopilot, allowing traders to fully focus on their campaigns. This feature allows traders to focus on learning the underlying principles and techniques, rather than concentrating on learning complicated trading mechanisms. Also, many experts in the field state that the platform is easy to use, even for beginners.

Exchange APIS

Aside from being cloud-based, trality has an official exchange APIS. This is actually a set of mathematical algorithms that are embedded in the software. The developers of the program have spent several months trying to understand what factors influence the performance of the algorithms. The final result was to develop a set of rules that will maximize profitability. These rules were then incorporated into the trading strategies of the robot. However, most of these factors, such as stop loss and take profit parameters, can still be adjusted individually.

Customize the Rules of the Robot

The rule builder of trality is the software that allows users to customize the rules of the robot. Although some users may not consider this aspect as important compared to the quality of the algorithms, this feature is actually useful when making changes to the software itself. As stated earlier, the designer of the software has spent a considerable amount of time understanding how each rule interacts with each other, and with the other factors, such as stop loss and take profit, in order to make a user-friendly system. Another important factor that must be considered when building the robot using the trinity rules editor is the fact that the system is designed to be compliant with the MetaTrader platform. If this fact is taken into consideration, it is expected that the accuracy of the system will significantly increase.


Starting Price: $0 per month (FREE)Pricing


“Pawn” – Free:Trading Volume – €5,000Smallest Tick Interval – 60mLive Bots – 1Virtual Bots – 1Log Retention – 1 WeekBacktests – Unlimited

“Knight” – €9.99 per month:Trading Volume – €25,000Smallest Tick Interval – 60mLive Bots – 2Virtual Bots – 2Log Retention – 1 MonthBacktests – Unlimited

“Rook” – €39.99 per month:Trading Volume – €250,000Smallest Tick Interval – 5mLive Bots – 5Virtual Bots – 5Log Retention – 6 MonthsBacktests – Unlimited

“Queen” – €59.99 per month:Trading Volume – UnlimitedSmallest Tick Interval – 1mLive Bots – 10Virtual Bots – 10Log Retention – UnlimitedBacktests – UnlimitedFree

Version: Free Version available.

Free Trial: Free Trial available.

Company InformationTralityFounded:

2019 Austria

System Requirements: SaaSTraining 

Documentation Live Online Support 24/7 Live

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