Who is Crea Tyler? Actual Story of CreaTyler

Crea Tyler, an American social media star is just one of those stars to have emerged from social networking sites. He quickly became popular, thanks in large part to his announcement that he was going to abandon his college and live a life of adventure instead of sitting in boring lecture halls. Many followers of his went with him, believing him to be a self-made millionaire with nothing to lose. Yet, what is the real story about Crea Tyler and how did this star end up with all of this attention?

Recently we have been hearing a lot of Tyler news and that is due to his recent book. His current number-one-selling author is out now and this has people talking about who is Crea Tyler? I think it would be safe to say that if you are not familiar with his story then you may not know who is Crea Tyler yet. He is an internet marketer who makes his money promoting products for other people online. But as you read every word of the book from the first paragraph to the last it gets very intriguing until you discover exactly what makes him and how he makes his millions.

Crea Tyler Internet Marketing Journey

The story begins in 2021 when Crea was traveling across the country in search of a good mentor. He got close to some successful internet marketers and invited them to come along on a trip to his home and spend the weekend with him. It was actually a really great weekend. The foursome had a great time and learned a lot in the process.

At the beginning of their travels, they actually ended up in New Hampshire. When they got back they told each other that they had better get comfortable because they were going to be spending the next few days in the Hamptons and Hampton Bay Shopping Center. They were excited and nervous all at the same time. They couldn’t wait to get started but then late one evening Crea Tyler passes away. A week later we hear that he had been cremated and there are rumors that it was a very sad ending for a beloved internet marketer.

Actual Story of Crea Tyler

The actual story of Crea Tyler is actually quite interesting. As he himself states on his website, Crea is a former plumber who was rejected from college because he had no choice but to work full time to support himself. So, he joined a number of social media websites, creating multiple accounts to interact with his friends. On the surface, it appears that this was indeed what Crea Tyler was looking for. But, it soon became apparent that his accounts were being monitored and edited by people who wanted to obtain monetized views of YouTube videos. In one case, he had to remove some videos due to this, which led to him being barred from using YouTube for two years.

Now, the ban didn’t stop Crea Tyler from continuing to use the internet to make his statement. But, it did stop him from receiving the recognition he truly deserves. He now has a number of websites with his own Twitter account and a blog as well. His main objective is to promote people he knows through his internet marketing techniques. He is currently working with the internet marketing company called Wealthy Affiliate.

People Accused on Crea Tyler

Many people have accused Crea Tyler of plagiarizing internet marketing information from others. The truth is, he hasn’t. All he did was take ideas and products and put them into his own words. This, in fact, is a common practice in internet marketing. Wealthy Affiliate, in fact, is the home of many top internet marketers including himself.

Many people also accuse Crea Tyler of “copying” the works of others. This is simply not true. Crea Tyler has never taken anything else’s work and used it to create something of his own.

The question at hand then becomes, why would someone want to hire a plagiarist? I can think of several reasons. Perhaps you need a great-sounding sales pitch to get people to join your business. Perhaps you need a quick way to generate traffic to your website. There are other uses as well, but the point is, you can use someone else’s ideas and concepts to do your internet marketing business.

So if you are looking for a way to create more internet marketing success and have tried other methods, why not take what you’ve been learning and use it to create your own successful product? You may not think that this is possible. However, there are ways to use the knowledge of others to make your internet marketing efforts even more successful. All it takes is a little creativity.


The most important thing is to be consistent. Always work on improving yourself, both mentally and physically. Once you start seeing some success with your internet marketing business, you will find that more people will be offering their help and advice. Even if they are not helping you with sales or direct email marketing campaigns, there is always another place to turn when you need help. Take what you learn from many people and grow from it to reach your own goals.

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