A Beginner’s Guide To Anime: 5 Things You Should Know


Anime – A word that can sometimes be confused among people who have no idea about the animation art style!

Although people do watch animation-style movies and TV shows, Anime is different from those!

So, what exactly makes Anime, Anime?

Isn’t it just similar to a cartoon with a bunch of high school students in a supernatural situation? 

Why are they yelling all the time, being perverts, or simply attacking with their fists with weird attack names?

Well, these are valid questions a beginner can ask before getting into the anime. But, the answer is hidden in the experiences you gain by watching them.

Anime has amassed vast decades worth of quality characters and amazing stories that make it hard to avoid anime entirely!

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Starting As A Newbie: Here Are The Reasons Why Anime Are Worth Watching!

Anime is one form of entertainment that makes people apprehensive about it. People who have watched Dragon Ball Z before going to school had no problem watching it because they used to see them as cartoons.

In fact, when we look back at those memories, we see them with undeniable fondness. 

But, with time, people grow old and start thinking of anime to be a child’s thing. In the effort of bringing back the love once enjoyed by anime, here we have listed down a few things that make anime one of the best entertainment options out there.

1. The Characters Are Unique & Interesting

One of the things that other entertainment industries lack is how vibrant and diverse anime characters can be. People in anime have dynamic personalities, pursue goals and dreams, and always understand the importance of life.

Ghost, detective, ghouls, demons, gods, superheroes, respected villains, high school students, fan services…….the list just goes on!

2. Anime Are Relatable

That’s so true!

Name one movie that you think is relatable to your life. Perhaps after searching for a couple of hours, you might find a few. But with anime, you might find almost every other anime shares real-life philosophies that are relatable to real life.

Things like decision-making, the ability to overcome failure, and the importance of friends and family in life are some of the cornerstones of anime.

3. Strong Female Characters

Empowering women – Anime has been doing this for decades!

There is a misconception about the anime that women are there in the shows for fan services. However, that is always not the case.

Characters like Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail), Asuna (Sword Art Online), Android 18 (DBZ), and Kaguya Otsutsuki (Naruto) are among the strongest characters in the entire anime universe.

4. Amazing Action Sequences

Action sequences are not limited to only fight scenes. The way anime characters are introduced, and the story unfolds, everything has that action vibe in it. Even the filler episodes have something going on.

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Yes, fight scenes are particularly spectacular because the animation has a medium that cannot be achieved with live-action. 

5. Characters Have Flaws & Dies

Why do some of the movies, even after having the best plot fail? It’s because the protagonist characters enjoy the plot armor – no matter what happens, they do not die. Unfortunately, this takes away that uncertain element out of the show.

However, anime is different!

Even the character playing a pivotal role is not immune to death. The term Perfect Character doesn’t exist in the Anime Universe.

And even if they do exist, it is usually set up to prove plot points.

It’s Entertaining, Of Course!

Perhaps, the most basic reason why most people watch anime is that it is super entertaining.

Anime is all about fast-paced stories, strong character build-up, backstories, mysteries, and everything. Just think about anything you want from the entertainment industries, and anime has that to offer.

Well, there you go! Hopefully, you find something that concretes your decision to start anime. However, if you are stuck for ideas on where to start, contact us for recommendations!

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