Procreate Brushes: Must For All Artists

Procreate brushes contain a series of realistic brushes designed to replicate the fine touch of a professional artist. From realistic “cracked” scars to crevices – you can apply to Procreate Artistic Brushes over virtually any surface with the convenience of an application program. This package contains 12 brushes in varying sizes and textures and a pair of adjustable oval brushes. The brushes are easy to adjust according to your needs and you are provided with an assortment of free brushes for use while you create your final masterpiece.

Shading Brushes

The Shading Brushes include several variations including smooth, creamed, and Matt. For use on paper, card stock, and more, this collection of brushes includes stippling and brush tips that mimic a variety of paper textures including crease, smudge, grain, and matte. This is the perfect set of Procreate brushes to create intricate, realistic shadows and shading. These are available in pencil finishes as well as watercolor finishes to satisfy the needs of your final project.

Styles of Procreate Brushes

The Romantic Script provides four different styles of penmanship, including ornate script, romantic script, and romantic calligraphy. This is the perfect set of procreating brushes for mastering calligraphy techniques such as kerning, flourishing, and furrowing. These brushes offer a variety of options for lettering and other techniques such as wrinkles and brush lines. They are created with high-grip synthetic bristles and include an instructional video.

Procreate Brush Set

The Brush Set includes brushes for watercolor, acrylic, and oil. This large set of procreating brushes includes an assortment of synthetic bristle brushes for creating realistic watercolors, oils, and acrylics. The Romantic Script set also offers an assortment of brushes to practice calligraphy techniques on, including chalks, blocks, and roses. The Brush Set also comes with a decorative storage box. For those just getting into digital art, this is the ideal place to start. You can experiment with different stroke styles and lettering patterns until you find your own style of lettering.

Creative Art pack

The Creative Art pack has everything you need to begin drawing real-world subjects like trees, flowers, and cars. It has a variety of drawers, paper rolls, and pencils for drawing and sketching new ideas.

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The Creative Art pack includes a book of art and drawing tips, as well as brush sets that are uniquely designed to go with any of Procreate’s brushes. The pack also contains a cute, stuffed bear that can be used as a guide when beginning to learn how to draw.

iPad Artistic Packs

The iPad Artistic Packs provides a complete set of procreate brushes for iPad users. The procreate brushes include a medium-sized round brush, which is ideal for painting large areas of text or for outlining artwork. The brush body is constructed from black metal with a rounded edge. This lends a unique and intriguing appearance when painting. The package also comes with an ink digital paint pen, which can be used for shading and adding in strokes of color.

Procreate Artistic Collection

If you would like to create gorgeous hand-lettering, then the Procreate Artistic Collection is the perfect choice for you. This amazing package provides you with over forty different brushes, many of which are made especially for hand lettering. These brushes are designed to provide amazing detail and are a wonderful addition to any professional graphic arts program. You will not regret adding these brushes to your procreate brushes collection.

Do you want to learn how to draw? Do you have a favorite painting that you would like to enhance? Then use the Procreate sketching program to apply your favorite artwork. You can also experiment with dry media drawing. When you explore the various options you will find that the Procreate pencil set is an excellent choice for all of your sketching needs.

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