Battery Saving Apps For Android

The Android system has made a revolution in the communication field by offering a large number of applications, functionality, features, and open architecture that is now a threat to everyone else in this whole market. But one disadvantage of android is that everything on android phones consumes a large amount of battery and gets drained very quickly.

In order to save their phone batteries, the consumers have to manage the energy accordingly. But android has also helped its user to reduce their battery consumption by offering many battery saving apps for android.

Battery Saving Apps For Android

Following are the most widely used applications on the android system to increase battery life.

  1. Green power battery saver
  2. Power Tune-up
  3. Easy battery saver

Features of Green Power Battery Saver

  • It is used so as to increase the battery life of your phone by adding to it many extra hours
  • By using this application one would have to charge his/her phone very less
  • It is different from various other battery-saving applications that require manual actions. It is free from such requirements and is fully automatic
  • This application itself manages your Mobile Data, WI-FI, Screen Brightness, and Screensaver by turning them off when not needed and then automatically turns them on when required by you or by other applications on the phone
  • Support all versions of android
  • Works on all devices
  • In the notification area, it has a battery life indicator
  • Does not disturb the other applications on the phone
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Available in 20 languages

Features of Power Tune-up Application

  • This is used to squeeze every last drop of juice from your power-hungry phone
  • It has easy to use interface but is very basic and outdated
  • A handy slew of tools
  • Gives detailed battery information i.e. the estimated remaining time
  • Has a battery charge alarm which when set will notify you when your phone needs charging
  • An optimizer which ensures to save battery
  • Application Uninstaller helps you to remove the installed applications from your phone
  • Does not explain the functionality of the optimizer
  • 3G traffic monitoring

Features of Easy Battery saver

  • Easy and powerful app to save battery life
  • Deals with phone network connectivity, screen brightness, and screen saver
  • Sleep schedule setting which saves the phone battery at the time when you are sleeping
  • Compatible to be used with saving modes and advanced customized modes
  • Shows the battery status on the main page
  • Saves more than 50 percent of the battery
  • Tells you other ways so as to use the battery efficiently

Benefits of power-saving applications

These applications are very simple to use with an easy user interface. These allow you to preserve every last drop of your phone’s battery life which would be used in emergency conditions.

These applications help you at those times when you have very little battery left and you are away from your homes/offices and unable to charge. The choice of which application to use for the battery saving purpose entirely depends upon one’s own interest.

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