Nokia Making Android Powered Phones is Virtual Reality

Nokia may be famous as the maker of Windows phones but it had also expressed interest in using alternatives to the Microsoft OS in the past. This news may be a confirmation of that interest; maybe the sign of launching devices based on Android.

Rumors have it that Nokia is engaged in the making of an upcoming handset, called the Vertu Ti, which will most probably be one of the Android handsets made by the elegant handset maker Vertu.

This handset is claimed to arrive with Android 4.0, having a dual-core processor and all the required features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, and a 1250mAh powered battery. Also, the camera feature will be continued in this device but the number of pixels is yet unknown.

The RM-828V, the model number of this upcoming handset is similar to Nokia’s Windows 8 phones. Not only that, the hardware of this Vertu Ti is similar to the Nokia Lumia phones, giving one an assurance of the excellent engineered hardware that comes with Nokia phones.

This device has not been talked about by the makers yet but is expected to be announced at the Mobile World Congress 2013, about to take place in Barcelona. The expected price according to rumors is 3000 Euros which is about Rs. 2, 20,000. Sure this is too high a price for a Smartphone, but Nokia with the Vertu finish will undoubtedly be a luxury phone.

The Vertu Smartphone entering the Android zone is awesome news for all the tech lovers as well as the Nokia fans. The breaking up of Vertu with the Finnish giant, sure made it change its age-old policy of relying on aged mobile OS like Symbian. What can be better than the crazed Android being integrated into Nokia phones? So if these rumors hold water, then the Vertu Ti is going to be leading a number of luxury smartphones of the future.

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