How to Buy BTC Crypto Fast?

Although most people were unwilling to invest in BTC and other crypto coins when they were initially introduced, many have now embraced the concept of decentralized currencies. However, investing in digital currencies, especially Bitcoin, has been like riding on a roller coaster, as their prices keep rising and then dropping sharply. Some investors have made tidy sums of money from them, while others have lost everything. Therefore, investors need to employ suitable risk mitigation measures before putting money into crypto.

If you have been contemplating getting a piece of the crypto pie, you must have been searching for a way to buy crypto fast. Fortunately, there are several ways you can buy BTC fast, and this article will look into some of them.

Ways to buy BTC crypto fast

Using Bitcoin ATMs

Buy Btc

One of the fastest ways to buy Bitcoin is by using Bitcoin ATMs. A BTC automated teller machine will allow you to purchase crypto instantly. Some installations also allow users to sell their bitcoins. You can buy bitcoins from a Bitcoin ATM using both cash and debit cards. Depending on the location, cash might be safer but you might sacrifice some anonymity. While some crypto ATMs only let people buy or sell Bitcoin, others also allow users to transact in other digital currencies.

Before you use a Bitcoin ATM to buy BTC, you will need to create a crypto wallet in which you will deposit the assets once you have bought them. Below are the easy steps for buying BTC using an ATM:

  •   Locate a nearby Bitcoin ATM
  •   Set up a wallet for your crypto coins- it may be a web-based wallet or a hardware-based one.
  •   Take a note of the wallet’s alphanumeric code for quick access or get a QR code by downloading one.
  •   Once at the ATM, create an account with the machine’s operator. This may need you to input personal details.
  •   Input your wallet information by either scanning the QR code with your smartphone or keying in the alphanumeric code.
  •   Deposit the cash or enter your card details. The ATM operator converts the fiat currency into BTC or any other crypto coin in readiness to transfer it to your wallet, after deducting any transaction charges.
  •   Verify your purchase (check and confirm the details of your purchase, including the fees you will be charged) prior to completing the transaction.

While crypto ATMs offer convenience when buying BTC and other coins, they charge high fees and require you to have an existing crypto wallet.

Using Crypto Exchanges

Another option to consider if you are searching for how to buy BTC crypto fast is to use crypto exchanges. You can use reliable crypto trading platforms such as NakitCoins to buy your BTC pretty fast.

The beauty of using exchanges to buy BTC is that they often have the lowest charges for the entire crypto trading process. Thus, if you worry about the fees you have to pay, they are the best option. Also, crypto exchanges, like NakitCoins, offer crypto wallets that allow you to safely store your digital currencies.

If you are in Turkey, you should especially consider using NakitCoins which is the first physical cryptocurrency exchange office and has been operating since 2017. It has several offices where you can walk in and buy or sell BTC instantly, privately, and safely. Also, users can convert BTC to other digital coins and vice-versa. Moreover, you can install the NakitCoins app and transact online from wherever you are because the exchange is fully decentralized.

Other convenient crypto exchanges that users can use include Coinbase, Kraken, Coinmama, and Binance. Because the fees vary from one exchange to another, you should shop around and pick the one that offers you the best combination of excellent service, affordable fees, and your preferred cryptocurrency choices.

Using peer-to-peer platforms

Unlike typical crypto exchanges, peer-to-peer exchanges and platforms connect buyers and sellers so that they can trade directly. The transactions happen without a third-party intermediary to facilitate the transactions.

These platforms do not have as strict measures to verify users as crypto exchanges that have implemented Know Your Customer (KYC) measures. On the flip side, the traders have to be cautious to avoid scammers and fraudsters when using P2P platforms.

You have the freedom to choose the seller to buy from, based on their asking price and exchange rates. You can use the most convenient payment methods for both of you which will save costs. In addition, you can better safeguard your privacy and details this way as there are no third parties involved.

Generally, P2P platforms have the following advantages:

  • Greater speed of transactions, which typically depends on the payment method you use. If you use a bank card, the transaction processing is instantaneous but bank transfers may take a bit longer.
  • P2P allows for flexible trading orders because you can set the prices for buying or selling and the amount of cryptocurrency you intend to trade.

The drawbacks of P2P platforms include:

  • Risks of being scammed
  • Low liquidity- because sometimes there may not be anyone who can match your order, something not commonly experienced with centralized exchanges
  • Low transaction speed if one of the parties stops trading midway causing delays


Now you will know how to buy BTC crypto fast if you have read the above discussion. The most crucial thing is to pick a secure, convenient option with reasonable fees. You can check out other users’ feedback to have an idea of the method you’re choosing.

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