How to Get Subscribers for Your Blog

Blogging is done so that people can share their particular interests or expertise about a niche with the world. Bloggers give hours of research and hard work for writing every single post for their readers but what if readers are not reading it.

If you are blogging for some time now then you must have known that 70% of traffic is from first-time readers and the rest is from regular ones.

Regular readers tend to be more valuable than first-time readers but it doesn’t mean that first-time readers are not important, they are but you must convert them to your regular readers by making them subscribe to your updates.

So, how do you increase your subscribers?

Some tips to get your subscriber list growing –

1. Writing compelling content –

Why would someone subscribe to your updates? The answer to this question is simple but it is to be implemented very seriously to get results. Writing content that is worth it to your readers will make them subscribe to your blog. Just make sure that content is original, unique, and not a copy.

2. Place a Subscribe Form –

Placing a subscribe form at the right place will increase your email list very fast. First thing is to choose an email marketing company like Aweber, Mailchimp, and Benchmark, etc. so that you get every tool you need to get your readers converted into customers.

Placing the form is also very important, most readers are lazy to scroll down to the bottom or click on a link to a separate page to fill a form. Place the form in the right sidebar at the top or make it pop-up to people when they visit the homepage.

3. Offer something in return –

Placing a subscribe form will surely get some subscribers but to boost your email list in thousands, you must offer something to your readers for free that they find very valuable.

You can offer a free e-book that you wrote, some freebies, free themes, training material, etc. Make the form attractive and eye-catching by adding an image. Take the help of a professional developer to help you make a form according to your blog style.

Adding a Call to Action area or Button will make the process of sign up faster than ever. It tells readers what to do in the end.

4. Stay in touch after Subscription –

The main role of subscribers is to promote your blog and content to the world. After they sign up for updates, it is your duty to remind them that they are in touch with you. Make use of the auto-responder function which lets you create emails to be sent in the future to your subscribers whenever they sign up, reminding them to share your posts with their friends.

Increasing your subscriber’s list can easily increase your monthly traffic to double or triple because subscribed readers are already interested in your content and are likely to share it in their circles. Sending your blog updates and free tools to them will keep them stay on your list forever.

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