Managed IT Services: The Average Prices

Your business is going well until an unexpected data breach tears things down from the inside out. You have to spend hours on the phone telling your customers that hackers got ahold of their confidential information.

Nobody is happy about that.

Do you know what would have stopped this unfortunate scenario from happening? The answer is, Managed IT services.

They cover more than cyber security. They can also make sure that all your software remains up to date and handle your system issues as they pop up.

The question is, what is this service going to cost you? We’ve got the complete price breakdown right here. Keep reading to learn what you can expect to spend.

How Much Does Managed IT Services Cost on Average?

The average price of hiring a managed service provider can range anywhere between 100-150 dollars per person. Of course, that’s for basic services without all the bells and whistles attached.

For some companies, that’s enough to get by. Others need to upgrade to a mid-range or high-end plan. Here’s a run-through of what you can expect out of the different packages.

Basic Services

Basic IT support for businesses is only going to run you about 70 dollars a month. They’re cheaper because they only include the careful monitoring of your systems.

If something suspicious shows up, the IT team will let you know about it before it becomes a huge problem. It’s a good solution for companies that already have a small in-house team.

The outsourced company will only be there to work on specific jobs and provide backup for the in-house team when they need it.


For most business owners, the mid-range services from make the most economical sense. If the company notices a problem in your system, they won’t only monitor and inform you about it.

They’ll do what they can to deescalate the situation before it becomes an expensive problem. They are your IT team through and through.

They can help you form a working IT strategy, assist you with planning and design, perform regular system backups, provide onsite and offsite support, and handle disaster recovery.

Depending on the level of features you decide to opt-in for, you’ll spend about 200 dollars a month on a mid-ranged service. You might be able to get away a little cheaper than that if you don’t need the full range of services.


High-end services are the most expensive. It’s a good thing that not every company needs that level of coverage. Unless you have a full Cloud inventory , you can make do with mid-range services.

If your company does use a full cloud system, this package will handle your entire infrastructure. These IT companies provide everything that you can get with mid-range services and more.

Onboarding Fees

For a company to be able to do their job preventing cyber attacks, they’ll have to do a deep dive of your system. They’ll do this by performing an audit.

During the audit, the company will check for any potential problems that they need to take care of. If you have multiple job sites, the IT business will have to check each one.

You can usually expect an onboarding fee of about 500 dollars for each job site that the company checks.

Factors That Go Into the Price

That’s a basic rundown of what you can expect to spend. We will say that there are a few factors that can skew the price. For example, if you have an in-house team, that can get in the way of things.

Companies also get more expensive the longer you need them, and they’ll charge you more if you have a complex system.

Service Time

Some business owners only outsource an IT company when they need system updates and repairs. That’s enough to give them what they need, and it keeps prices to a minimum.

If you need weekend IT services or your business’s system operates 24 hours a day, the IT company will charge you more to cover that extra time.

Your In-House Team

You would think that having an in-house IT team would help you. These employees can take care of some of the work, so you only need to outsource in extreme emergencies.

The problem is, the outsourced team will have to work harder to navigate around the other team. They won’t have as much freedom, so they won’t be able to provide you with the full scope of their services.

The Number of Users You Have

The more people you have on your network, the more devices that your IT company is going to have to juggle. The more devices that your IT company is going to have to manage, the more expensive their services are going to get.

It’s a good idea to take inventory of all the workstations that you have in your office before you start calling around to different companies. Doing so will help you get an accurate price quote.

Understanding the Cost of Managed IT Services

No matter what kind of business you run, one thing is true. You need managed IT services. Without them, you leave your system open to cyber attacks.

Having a good IT team on your side won’t only protect you from data breaches. They’ll monitor and manage your entire system. As you can see, the more complex your network is, the more expensive your IT is going to get.

You can’t put a price on keeping your company working like a well-oiled machine, though. For more tips that will help you take care of your business systems, visit the Technology section of our blog.

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