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Some Tips to Select a Good Pg Accommodation

Paying guests are obliged to cover the costs of accommodation. They usually rent a room, but they can also be allowed to use their own private bathroom and kitchen. 

A pg accommodation is offered by a host who has excess capacity in their house or apartment. The host might need extra money for renovations or want to subsidize rent through a number of travelers staying at their property instead of renting out the space individually or as units in a building.


Choosing the right guest accommodation can be tricky and it pays to do your research. To help you find a place to stay, like these apartments for rent in Wilmington, we have compiled a list of the top things you should consider before booking your next trip.


  1. Guest Accommodation Reviews: Before booking your stay in pg in Kadubeesanahalli

always check out the reviews left by previous guests.  Previous guests will leave details of the standard of clean, facilities and even tips on how to get the most from their trip. When you search the reviews you will find the best and worst things about each establishment.

  1. Location

Location is key for anyone planning a trip abroad. If you are staying in a particular city or town then you want to find somewhere that is close by and will make your trip easier. For example it would be a real pain if you wanted to go shopping and were forced to go 100 miles away.


  1. The Physical Features of the Accommodation Room:

You may only have one night in a room, but you want your stay to be as comfortable as possible. The following are some of the best features you should be looking out for to make your stay as cozy as possible:

  • A Clean, Modern Bathroom – Firstly you want to be able to take a hot shower after a long day. If the bathroom is outdated or dirty then you will not be able to have a relaxing time bathing. Choose somewhere that has all the latest features and a comfortable bathroom, so that you can get ready in comfort..
  • A Comfy Bed: There is nothing worse than a bed that gives you no support. If you cannot sleep properly then maybe it is time to look elsewhere. Always check out the review details to see what previous guests had to say about the beds. You can also ask for a mattress protector for added peace of mind and better hygiene..
  1. What type of room do you  get?

You will find all sorts of different rooms when you look online, from rooms with en suites to shared accommodation. The best way to know what type of room you are getting is looking at pictures or visiting the venue instead of just reading the description. This will save you vital time during your trip and prevent any nasty surprises when you arrive.

  1. The Amenities of the Accommodation

When you choose a guest accommodation you should always check out what facilities are on offer. If you are looking for a lounge with free WiFi then it is essential that this is mentioned when reviewing the listing. Some establishments may have an internet lounge which is not mentioned in the description, so knowing what is available will help you book your preferred type of room

  1. Do you Need to Pay For Breakfast?

You will find many guest accommodation listings which do not state whether breakfast is included in the price or not. When it is not addressed in the listing you should always check with the establishment before booking. Many places will offer a simple continental breakfast for no extra charge, however if you are looking for a customised breakfast  with all the trimmings then you may need to pay extra.

  1. Check how many people will be staying in the Room

When you are booking your guest accommodation you should always check how many people will be staying in the room to avoid this being a problem. When planning a group trip there are certain places that are set up for mixed tours and others where some people would prefer to be alone. You should look for a venue that is suitable for you, so that you will not feel uncomfortable during your stay.

  1. The Internet Speed:

The internet is easily accessible and it is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends. However not every accommodation will have quick internet, so you should always make certain about this before booking your trip. There are many accommodations that offer Wi-Fi for guests to use at no charge, however if you want lightning fast internet then you may need to pay extra.

  1. Is the place safe for you ?

Safety is vital when staying abroad and you should always look out for details like fire alarms, smoke detectors and secure entrances. If the accommodation does not meet the safety regulations then this could be very dangerous during an emergency so choose somewhere that keeps your stay as safe as possible.


Guest Accommodation can offer a great place to stay, however it is important that you do your research before booking. Guest accommodation reviews will help you find the best and worst places to stay and this will make your trip so much easier.

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