Best Gadgets For Technology Geeks to Look out For in 2020

Gadgets have always captivated our attention ever since telephones were invented. The dearth of technology is now, only a dream. Right from the new smartphones to the super-intelligent drones that travel in the dense forest, gadgets are hot in the tech news.

Though countless gadgets could become overwhelming at times, the right choice can help us to be productive at home or work. Companies make innovative products to keep the tech geeks satisfied with brand-new technology. Ranging from the iPhones to smart bands, everyone has something to look for.

Here are the best gadgets to keep an eye on in 2020:

An iPhone with 5G

Apple could launch a brand-new iPhone with 5G and other revolutionary features. This isn’t a new feature as several smartphone manufacturers have already launched it. When Apple brings a new feature, there’s something unique about it.

Apple lovers are yet to join this tech race. Apple’s thorough research before adopting a new technology makes it stand out. Thus, technology enthusiasts consider Apple a benchmark in the world of innovation. Watch out for the best gadget from Apple in 2020.

A 100-megapixel smartphone

The focus of leading android smartphone makers in 2019 was the camera. Both front-facing and the rear ones. Why? Because that’s one of the ever-interesting features people love.

While 2019 ended with a 64-megapixels, it’s no surprise 2020 can give the techies a 100-megapixel camera to flaunt. We know a camera sensor matters more than megapixels. But, it is no wonder smartphone buyers are familiar with useful speculations.

Echo Loop from Amazon

Siri in Apple is ever active and so does Alexa from Amazon. With steady upgrades to Alexa, people could shift to a whole new Amazon ecosystem like Apple. Amazon’s innovative products like Kindle and Alexa is an example.

Now comes an Echo Loop from Amazon that’s expected to arrive in 2020 on your finger. Yes, Echo Loop is a ring that places Alexa in your hands. It pairs with your phone via Bluetooth and you can use it to make calls or let Alexa answer your queries. How much smaller can wearable devices become?

ScanWatch from Withings

ScanWatch is a hybrid smartwatch from Withings, a Finnish company. It highlights a medical-grade ECG monitor and a sleep tracker. What’s more? This super smartwatch comes with sensors to spot your breathing problems.

It can also track the heartbeat for healthy living. Like an Apple watch that is currently bound in an Apple ecosystem, ScanWatch comes in 38mm and 42mm.

ThinkPad X1 Fold

It’s an innovation from Lenovo in collaboration with Microsoft. A full-fledged laptop with an edge-to-edge display, windows 10, high-performance hardware with no physical keyboard. – isn’t it cool? The key point is not the new concept but the ideal use case.

This foldable laptop functions as a split-screen, which can handle independent tasks. When unfolded, the hinge mechanism optimizes the viewing experience. Thus, it makes a perfect big screen for entertainment. Tagged as ‘the world’s first foldable PC’, ThinkPad X1 Fold is worth the wait in 2020.

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