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The Common Types of Email Marketing Explained

Email marketing campaigns grew by 11% in 2021. More companies are realizing the benefits of email marketing and how crucial it is to their small business success.

You can’t have a well-rounded digital marketing strategy without it.

And there is far more to email marketing than sending off a few random thoughts to your customers now and again. There are different types of email marketing that will help you keep new followers and turn them into loyal customers.

Not sure what those types are? This simple guide will explain all the top types of email campaigns that will help when growing your business.

Welcome Email Series

One of the most vital parts of running a business is gaining new customers or clients. So, when you get a new email subscriber, that is something to celebrate!

And you want to make sure they feel welcome and know they are going to receive great content from your brand.

Automate three or four emails to send to these new subscribers. Schedule the first one to arrive after they sign up, then stagger the next emails a few days later.

Some welcome email marketing ideas could be to give them a free gift or a discount.

Business Email Newsletters

Newsletters are one of the most common types of email marketing that most companies send.

These emails should be exactly how they sound; newsy. Send your subscribers company updates, new product updates, and behind-the-scenes peaks.

These emails often have a low open rate. To increase your email marketing KPIs, include a snappy subject line. Write emails that are entertaining as well as informative.

Promotional Email Campaigns

You run a business. You always have services and products to promote. One great way to do this is to set up a promotional email campaign.

And one of the best ways to promote your products via email is to tie them into a season or event.

Let’s say Christmas is coming up. Your hand-woven wool gloves will make excellent presents for grandparents! Or if Black Friday is around the corner and you are slashing your prices, make sure you email your customers to let them know.

Customer Re-Engagement Email Campaigns

It’s never nice when customers stop opening your emails. But, you can use a customer re-engagement email campaign to entice them back.

If a customer abandons their cart on your online store, email them and offer them a discount. Or if their email open rate is low, send them a “was it something we said?” email to make sure they’re still interested.

Consider removing any subscribers that haven’t engaged in over six months. They’re dead weight, they’re not loyal customers, and keeping them around will affect your KPIs.

Use These Types of Email Marketing to Boost Your Business

These are the most common types of email marketing campaigns, but they are not the only ones. This list is only a taster so you can appreciate exactly how much thought and planning goes into creating them.

And if you also put a lot of hard work into creating your email marketing campaigns, you’ll no doubt experience business growth as a result.

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