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Managed IT Services: 5 Key Things to Know

The managed services market is on track to reach a net worth of more than $354 billion by 2026. One of the most popular industries included in this statistic is managed IT services.

Managed IT services are when you hire a dedicated company to manage all of your company’s IT-related tasks. But why are these outsourced services preferred over hiring an in-house IT team? Continue reading to learn five key things you need to know on the topic.

1. Improved Efficiency

Having a proficient team of IT experts dedicated to your company means systems are more likely to stay up and running. Every time your in-store systems, website, or application is down, you lose money and potential customers. By reducing downtime and improving overall technical efficiency, you can ensure your company is reaching maximum possible growth.

2. Reduces Stress

If you aren’t an IT expert, managing these aspects of your company can be stressful. By outsourcing them to professionals, you can reduce your stress and that of relevant employees.

3. Increases Cybersecurity

If you think your company can’t be the victim of a cyber-attack, you might want to think again. In 2021 alone, 64 percent of all global companies were hacked or successfully prevented a cyber attack. To put this into further perspective, about 30,000 websites will be hacked every day.

One of the most essential jobs of an IT services company is cybersecurity. Having a dedicated team means increased cybersecurity. In turn, this protects your company and customers against harmful data breaches.

4. Lowers Operational Costs

Every company needs an IT department. If you choose not to go with managed IT services, creating an in-house department is the alternative. While this may make sense for huge conglomerates, it doesn’t make financial sense for most companies.

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Consider the operational costs of setting up and running your own IT department. At a minimum, you would need to budget in:

  • Initial software (and updates overtime)
  • Advanced computers and other technical tools or machines
  • Hourly wages for each member of your department (plus benefits where applicable)
  • Energy costs for the department

On the other hand, using a managed IT service means paying a flat rate every billing period. You don’t have to budget the tools, machines, and hourly wages. Instead, these costs are shouldered by the IT company you choose to hire.

5. Fills Skills Gap

It can be challenging to find IT professionals with the necessary qualifications. However, a managed IT service will be staffed with trained experts dedicated to IT only. These services handle several companies at once, and every employee is only focused on IT-related issues.

Managed IT Services Could Be the Answer to Your Problems

For many businesses, managed IT services solve a lot of problems. These outsourced services can increase cybersecurity and improve efficiency while reducing stress and operational costs.

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