The Different Types of Websites: A Quick Guide

While largely considered a business necessity even before Covid struck, the pandemic drove many of the last holdouts into putting up websites. The pandemic also prompted many people who were on the fence about starting their own business or launching a side hustle into taking the plunge.

Of course, the advice that you should put up a website only carries so much value. There isn’t just one kind of website. There are many types of websites.

So, if you’re left wondering about website design or kinds of websites, keep reading. We’ll provide a quick guide that covers some of the most popular types of websites.


Blogs are one the most popular answers to the question of how to build a website. Blogging can become an income stream in its own right. Beyond that, getting a blog site is less a matter of website design and more a matter of installation.

Software options like WordPress and Drupal let you install the basic framework of a website, often with a single click in your web hosting control panel. After that, it’s mostly a matter of choosing a theme and picking plugins.

ECommerce Sites

For the burgeoning digital entrepreneur, eCommerce sites are a popular option. An eCommerce site requires some things that your average site doesn’t need like a shopping cart, payment gateway, and even a connection to your inventory management software.

These sites let you display and sell your products directly to consumers. Popular eCommerce solutions include Shopify, WooCommrce, and Magento.

Business Website

A business website differs from an eCommerce site in that it focuses on the business itself, rather than selling products directly. Business websites describe the company, services offered, and even the business’ service area. Unlike blogs or eCommerce sites, you’ll like want a professional website design service like to give your site a unique look and feel.

Portfolio Sites

While many businesses can get away with describing their services, certain professions much display their finished products to attract attention. Some common professions that depend on portfolio sites include:

  • Photographers
  • Graphic artists
  • Clothing designers
  • Web developers
  • Marketing/ad agencies
  • Craftspeople

Portfolio sites focus on displaying images, so you’ll want to make sure you pick best-in-class examples.

Landing Page

Landing pages are a special kind of website that typically includes only one primary page. These sites focus on getting visitors to perform a single action, such as buying a product or signing up for a mailing list. While they often feature images, they rely heavily on text-based persuasion.

Picking Between Types of Websites

Picking between types of websites will usually come down to what kind of business you plan on doing. If you plan on selling handmade crafts or reselling retail products, you’ll need an eCommerce site. If you plan on writing weekly posts around a specific topic, you’ll want a blog.

Don’t jump right in a website type until you do a little research to ensure that type will serve your long-term goals.

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