What is the Difference Between and LCD and LED TV

LCD is the short form for Liquid Crystal Display. It is basically a flat panel display or an electronic visual display or a video display that uses liquid crystals to display images on a screen. LCDs are used in a wide range of applications like televisions, instrument panels, aircraft cockpit displays, computer screens, etc.

What is an LED?

LED or Light Emitting Diode is a light source made of a semiconductor. In simple language, a LED is used as an indicator or signal. Light-emitting diodes are used in applications like lighting in aircraft, automobiles, and traffic signals.

What are an LCD and LED TV?

If you walk into any electronic shop today you should not be surprised to see an LCD and LED TV. But you can wonder what the difference between an LCD and LED TV is.
An LCD TV is nothing but a TV that has a liquid sandwiched between the two screens of the TV and this liquid is responsible for producing colored light which makes images on the TV. When you pass current through this liquid, it changes color and produces images. But hold on, an LCD does not emit light on its own; it needs a light source for the same. This lighting source is called backlighting. This is where the role of LED comes into play. One of the popular backlighting methods is by using LED. So such a TV which uses the technology of both LCD and LED is called a LED-backlit LCD display. The other backlighting method used is by using fluorescent lamps. Such a TV is called an LCD TV.
By now you must have understood that the difference between an LCD and LED is just the difference between the backlighting techniques used.

What is the difference between LCD and LED TVs:

  • LCD TV uses fluorescent lamps for backlighting which acts as a light source while LED TV uses LED for backlighting.
  • LED TVs generally have better contrasts and black levels as compared to LCD TVs.
  • The color accuracy in the LED TVs is much better than that of the LCD ones.
  • The viewing angle is similar in both types of TVs as it depends on the glass panel used in it.
  • If compared on the grounds of cost-effectiveness, then the LED TVs definitely has an upper hand over their LCD counter partners because the LED TVs provide a better quality of pictures and consumes lesser power and energy.
  • But if the price is your concern then you should go for LCD TVs as they are cheaper than LED ones. But to reap long-term benefits you should make a smart choice by choosing the LED option.
  • LED TVs take much lesser space in your home than LCDs so it saves space.


So now you know what TV to buy. After accessing the pros and cons of both you have to take the call depending on your requirement and budget. On one side LEDs are the new future to the TV market but LCD is still popular due to its low cost and high return. The decision now is yours.

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