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Tips to Make an About Us Page that Works For You

A website is a mark of your presence in the virtual world. It is a means of communicating with an audience who are spread across the globe and may or may not meet you personally. This is where a well-designed web site fits in – filling the gap by providing all the information to a visitor.

On this website, it is mandatory to have an ‘About Us’ page. This page has to be attractive both in design as well as written beautifully explaining anything that the audience might want to know. As the owner of the website and as the designer, you need to take this page seriously and pay utmost attention to it.

Let’s have a look at some ways in which you can get the most mileage from this page.

1. Give Specific Information to the Visitors

Your page should mirror your company’s professionalism and ability to deliver. You need to write your beliefs, the mission and vision statement, the core competencies, the founders, etc.

Your text should reflect the honesty and sincerity of attitude which will make the visitor trust you with his money. Here using big words and dropping names will not help. Direct the text towards potential customers and avoid unnecessary jargon for it can actually turn the customer away.

2. Make the Text interesting

You might have a lot to tell your clients but be clear that no one wants to read so much text. You need to keep your text concise without compromising on any information. You can present your information in a manner that is attractive by:

– Using bullet points so all the information can be scanned in one look

– Making subheads to increase readability

– Including pull-outs in the form of quotes or notes

3. Use Graphics and video

The use of multimedia like graphics and videos is a good way to keep the audience hooked. Instead of putting all the information in text, some of it can be in the form of a video.

4. Make the Page Easy to Discover

Use keywords and links to make sure that the page can be discovered easily on search engines. This will increase traffic to the page.

5. Create an Action

Once someone has read all about the company, then what? What is required is an ‘action’ button. This could be as simple as a ‘contact us’ link so they can reach out to you.

6. Include Testimonials

It is a good idea to let your previous customers talk. This is like a sign of approval that will convince the prospective customer to invest in you. Include testimonials or product reviews from people across the globe on the ‘About us’ page to show how you are well appreciated all over.

7. Talk About the Customer

When a prospective customer reaches your website, he wishes to know how your brand can make a difference in his life and what all your brand can do for him. It is therefore important to address this aspect so that he reads through the entire text.

You could also make the whole thing more interesting and eye-catching by adding a video. This will surely make the person browsing through casually stop by and watch.

When you write the ‘About Us’ page remember that the people who will stop by will be prospective clients, competitors, investors, job seekers, etc. It does not need updating on a regular basis so it is important that it be written in the best possible way.

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