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Get a Document Management Software That Fits Your Business Needs

Document management software is the backbone of any successful business. It’s essential in a world where information is constantly flowing and there are more distractions than ever.

You need a system that helps you keep track of incoming documents, organize them into files, and keep track of revisions so they can be found later. The right software will also make it easy to share documents with colleagues and clients and search for specific information quickly.

With its affordable price tags, document management software from the Harrington Group International line offers a range of features that businesses at every stage need. Let’s take a closer look at what they offer, how they compare with similar programs, and which one you should choose if you’re looking to implement a new system in your organization.

What is Document Management Software?

Document management software allows you to find information quickly. It’s used to store and manage any file on your computer, including documents and images SepStream. This makes it easy to retrieve something as simple as a letter you wrote last month or as complex as a four-year-old magazine article that contains information that may be critical to your business today.

The program gives you complete access to everything in your database so you can sort it in any way that makes sense for your business, rather than being limited by the file structure provided by the operating system.

The package also comes with a search tool, which lets you search through the entire database simultaneously rather than having to open each document individually. Your IT staff can also use this feature to quickly locate a document at a moment’s notice.

Features of the Harrington Group Document Management Software

Document management software from the Harrington Group International line includes many features. Here are a few of the most important ones:

  • Access all files and folders in your system, including emails, word documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, and other kinds of data.

  • The ability to create customized lists for sorting your items according to business needs, such as by contract or location and by specific field names.

  • A search feature where you can search for anything in your database using keywords or alternative fields such as customer name or date entered into the document.

  • Managing multiple databases simultaneously can be helpful if you have a lot of information to track.

  • The ability to automate workflows and create customized procedures for sorting and processing documents.

  • Creating a “document approval process” so that your staff or outside contractors can confirm the accuracy of incoming documents helps to ensure that you’re dealing with current information rather than outdated material.

Which Harrington Group Document Management Software is right for you?

The Harrington Group has a full line of affordable document management software. This allows you to choose a package that fits your budget, from the basic and affordable DocManager Standard to the more advanced DocManager Enterprise Edition.

The most appropriate program for your business depends on your current needs. The basic version is ideal for smaller companies that may not have many clients or contracts. Still, it does need to keep track of documents related to current projects or essential information shared with suppliers, partners, or businesses they work with frequently.

For companies with larger or more complex operations, the DocManager Standard is a better choice. It gives you greater access to information and lets you create customized lists that can be used to sort documents by business area or client.


DocManager Standard and DocManager Enterprise Edition are affordable, user-friendly software solutions from the Harrington Group International line that can provide small and large businesses with a comprehensive tool for managing documents.

These packages come with impressive features and are designed for businesses of any size, so you can choose the best package for your company.

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