Google Glasses-Internet On the Go!

Google is well known for its online services, apps, and now gadgets, not just gadgets but future technology. Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google had a vision that “Information would come to you as you need it. You wouldn’t have to search query at all” and that seems to be converting into reality now. In a presentation, he explained how they had the inspiration for Google Glasses.

As said by Brin that the use of smartphones is pretty less effective and people use smartphones as props. Everyone these days has made a habit of pulling out smartphones in a minute or two with excuses of checking emails, social posts, or any other work which are reasons for looking busy. Google Glasses has the aim of bringing information straight to the user while they don’t search for a query in a form of eyewear.

According to Google, Glasses will free our eyes and hands and will let people connect to the internet straight away which is not possible in smartphones or any device other than Glasses. Now, people can be free and don’t need to take out special time to check emails and social networking sites which is also not bad according to Brin but this product will make you freer.

Some people might feel weird wearing this product but they will get used to it very fast as we are used to with smartphones. The features of the Glasses will make the whole internet experience a lot easy and fast.

People wearing Glasses will be able to give direct commands to it and videos or photos can be taken from the camera technology which is built in it, all the process will be done through the first-person view and you will feel like being a part of it. Glasses will be available in this year of 2013 with a price tag of $1500 to developers for the test phase.

Everyone seems to be interesting in this product from now only as seen on eBay, one user put the Google Glasses on sale which he described that he is the lucky person to get hands-on to buy Glasses.

People were so curious to get hands-on the Glass that the highest bid went to $16,000 which was later put down by eBay as they said it’s against their policies of presales.

“If I had Glass” is a program for adults in the US in which lucky people get to buy Google Glasses. They just have to put the message on any social media sites about what they would do if they had the Glasses eyewear with “#ifIhadglass”. Hopefully, this product might bring some serious changes in tech. world.

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