Top 5 Bluetooth Headsets for Advanced Communication

Complimenting your mobile smartphone with the proper Bluetooth headset is almost mandatory these days in order to fulfill the user experience. There are literally thousands of hands-free Bluetooth solutions to choose from based on user requirements, personal preference, and overall technical specifications.

Recent technological advances have produced systems with simultaneous connectivity leading to advanced communications for not only Bluetooth mobiles but personal computers and desk phones, using the same headset for all devices. Creating a new standard for hands-free telecommunication, we are seeing more and more of these systems surface in 2013 creating ultimate convenience for the caller.

The top five wireless Bluetooth headsets listed below offer complete versatility for any type of mobile user.

1. Plantronics Savi W745

This is the mother ship of all wireless headsets introducing breakthrough three in simultaneous connectivity for mobile smartphones, desk phones, and PC computers. Integrated Bluetooth version 2.0 technology creates reliable hands-free telecommunication with mobile devices and also includes a stereo USB interface for professional VoIP calling. Perhaps the most appealing feature is the “Hot-Swappable Battery” which provides callers with unlimited talk time. That’s right infinite talk time allowing to charge the battery while on a call without dropping the signal. Clearly, this is a more advanced solution designed for those using VoIP, mobile, and office devices to create a more simplified process to hands-free telecommunications. Key technical specifications include 350 feet roaming, noise cancellation, tri-connectivity, and secure digital encryption.

2. Plantronics Voyager B235

Created for VoIP and mobile users the B235 Legend delivers premier stereo call quality with WindSmart technology. Supplying a sleek over the ear design provides ultimate comfort and stability with a soft gel ear tip. Optimized to work with softphone applications such as Skype, Microsoft Office Communicator, and Cisco the Legend also works great for streaming your favorite music. This is an excellent solution for dedicated Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones while adding diversity with a USB dongle for personal computers.

3. Jabra Supreme

Not even a year old, the Supreme is quickly becoming popular with urban users. Whether talking on the phone, watching movies, or listening to your favorite music this wireless headset satisfies all user requirements. Featuring dual connectivity with Bluetooth mobiles and USB computers, the Jabra Supreme is designed on the go calling. Providing a lightweight over the ear wearing style with a foldable microphone boom ensures quick storage to increase mobility. Consumers enjoy top of the line performance at half the price as this system offers an affordable solution to Bluetooth mobile communication.

4. Plantronics Voyager Pro HD

For those that do not demand a multi-connect headset, the classic Voyager Pro is Plantronics’ number one selling Bluetooth headset. Features their signature ear hook wearing style with convenient volume, mute, and call answer controls located on the earpiece to provide remote answering for mobile users. One of the first systems to integrate high definition stereo sound innovation for maximum clarity, digital signal processing works excellent for streaming music through your smartphone. Since the Voyager Pro uses standard Bluetooth connectivity callers are only supplied with 33 feet of mobility which is the industry standard.

5. Jabra Motion UC

The Jabra Motion UC is already making our top list but has yet to be released. Set to hit the stores sometime this Spring 2013, mobile enthusiasts can’t wait to get their hands on it. Also providing users with dual connectivity with complete wireless mobility for Bluetooth devices and computers what sets this cordless headset from the rest is the integrated Bluetooth version 4.0 technology. New Bluetooth version 4.0 advanced technology has increased the standard mobile range up to ten times greater, offering users roaming ranges up to 300 feet. Over the ear wearing style with the foldable design creates on the go convenience including a portable carrying case for quick storage. The most intriguing feature includes new smart motion sensors as the system can actually detect when the user is wearing them. Built-in motion detectors will turn the headset on or off automatically in order to save battery life using NFS quick Bluetooth pairing.

A Look Ahead

Dual connect and tri-connectivity systems have opened up a whole new world for advanced communications while setting a new wireless standard for the industry. Mobile demands have pushed top engineers to satisfy user requirements while providing a more simplified approach the hands-free communications. One thing for sure there is no telling what industry-leading manufactures will come up with next.

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