Google Hangout Instead of Gmail Video Chats

With video chatting on the rise and people in different places wanting to feel closer with the use of video chats, the up-gradation of the Gmail video chats to the Google Hangout suite was quite inevitable. With the introduction of hangouts, obviously, a wide range of new features is available to the users which were not present on Google video chats.

The hangout can be started by clicking on the video camera icon present at the right side of the Gtalk panel. The users to be added on hangout can be selected both from the Google+ network as well as through Gtalk ids. With as many as 9 users being able to be added to a single chat session, users are definitely going to love it.

Apart from chatting with a wide range of friends, the Hangout feature also allows the users to collaborate on Google docs and share their screens with the ones in the chat. A number of fun features like ones allowing the user to wear a virtual moustache or a pirate hat have been introduced, giving the humor and fun experience to remain alive even when the people are far away. Enabling the users to watch videos together is sure a great way to share time with friends on hangout.

The Hangout On Air feature is for the ones who are used to sending open invitations for parties. This feature allows one to make their chat public and broadcast it to almost an infinite number of users; any user who happens to have a verified YouTube account.

With the power of Google network to deliver high enhanced quality service for Hangout in contrast to the peer to peer technology that the earlier video chats used, users are sure to have one experience which they will never forget.

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