Introducing an improved Android Wear with Speaker Support

Not so long ago, wearable technology was the stuff of imagination. But the way technology has evolved, all the dreams and imagination are coming to life. It started with the Google Glass which could be worn like a spectacle and not only makes you look cool but did some cool things too.

Then came the concept of ‘smart’ phones and in that line a wearable device – the ‘smart’ watch.  The latest news in technology on the smartwatch front is a new update for the operating system on this Android Wear.

The new technology will be in the market over the next few weeks.

What does the new update offer?

In February this year, Google announced an update on Android wear. Let us see some new features that are a part of this update:

Better use of built-in speaker – Thanks to this feature, users who have the Huawei Watch or the ASUS Zen Watch 2 can use their watch to make calls as well as receive them over the blue tooth. Imagine the convenience that you will have if you can use your watch as a phone. It will probably do away with the need for a separate phone.

Control gestures – As a user of the smartphone, you must be familiar with gestures like the flick of the wrist which allowed you to scroll through. With the new update, you will be able to use gestures like push, lift and shake to carry out actions on the phone like opening the apps, returning to the watch, expanding icons, etc.

Integrating with some leading apps – In the new update, the Smart Watches are made compatible with apps like Google Hangouts, Whatsapp, WeChat, Telegram, Viber, and Netxtplus.

As an owner of the SmartWatch, you will now be able to send voice messages on these apps and thus your watch phone has become more versatile.

The idea behind wearable technology

Now that we have been awed by the new features of the smartwatch, let us understand the concept of wearable technology. The idea itself stems from you, the user. As a user, you want your phone or computer or any other technical device to perform as per your convenience and give you much more than it is able to at the moment.

Companies realize that their success depends on fulfilling the demands of the users and hence constant research and new updates. However, comfort and convenience are not the only two factors.

The idea of wearable technology is not just a fashion statement it has a lot of functionality associated with it. This technology contributes in a big way in the fields of medicine, sports, military, etc.

For instance, in medicine, a wearable device can monitor the patient’s health with sensors without poking him with injections, etc. These are practical application fields where the concept of smart wearable technology makes a big difference in the lives of many.

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