How Do I Play Music on My Phone? 5 Tips for Downloading Music

Did you know that digital music sales are on the decline? That’s despite music itself as more popular than ever!

Much of that is down to the meteoric rise of streaming services. And, TikTok’s recent rise changed how the music industry promotes songs (Yes, we’re looking at you, Olivia Rodrigo!).

So how do you listen to music on your phone these days? Whether you’re streaming Sinatra or downloading Drake. Here are 5 top tips for safely downloading music and, most of all, without breaking any laws.

1. Download From a Store

Downloading from a store is the most popular way amongst those who only listen to music casually. You can buy or rent music from an online store like iTunes and download it for offline listening.

What’s more, there are rarely limits on this. Once you own the mp3, you can listen to it anywhere and everywhere.

Some stores will take the music with them when they shut down, though. So make sure to read the terms and conditions before choosing a store in which to spend your money. The last thing you want is not to be able to take your mp3s with you!

Also, it’s worth shopping around to see if there are any extra benefits. Or it might be you want what’s cheapest for your needs.

Chances are you won’t need bells and whistles for a one-off download. But if you’re looking at downloading a lot, consider a subscription model.

2. Subscribe to a Streaming Service

Concerning the previous two methods, sign up for all the free trials you can. Do this first before investing in a particular streaming or download service.

That way, you can learn which is best for you without breaking the bank. It’ll stop you from feeling like you’re stuck with a service that doesn’t suit your needs.

For example, you might find yourself with duplicate files on iTunes. If so, you can try this method to remove them but still use the software if your preferred method.

What’s great about these streaming services is that some of them allow you to sync your music with the cloud. That way, you’ve always got a backup of your old. Dusty MP3s, and you can also restore them whenever you get a new phone!

3. Free Radio Apps

Free radio apps to listen to music are a fantastic way of getting digital radio in today’s busy lifestyle. It used to be that digital radio was only for car enthusiasts stuck in the rush hour journey home.

But now, more people than ever are listening on the way home. And that’s thanks to digital streaming on public transport.

Examples of popular radio apps include Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and Slacker. All have different features and playlists, such as genre-based stations.

They also include your favorite live radio stations, both local and worldwide. Some even do niche sports coverage. They’re all easy to use and offer a variety of ways to play music on phone with your favorite songs.

4. Stream From Your PC

As a streaming service, you can stream from your PC anywhere in the world using an app like Plex. Of course, you’ll need to leave your PC turned on or set up your server.

But if you know what you’re doing with that, it’s a great opportunity to listen to the music you want. You can do so without having to carry it around with you everywhere or pay a premium price for a streaming service.

And, the best advantage of this is when you make sure you backup your music in many locations. Because you won’t lose it if the cloud server you’re using goes down, you’ll know that any issues you have are yours and yours alone.

5. Rip Your Old CDs to Your Phone

The tried and tested method of listening to music; it’s becoming less common these days. That’s down to the rise of streaming services and increased data usage.

But many still prefer to listen to original tracks from yesteryear on mp3 when playing music on phone. And the great news is you can continue to do so using your phone even if you don’t have internet access.

To rip your old CDs, if you haven’t done so before, rip each track one by one. That will ensure you don’t miss out on any metadata information such as album art and song titles.

Once you’ve ripped all the tracks, you can then combine them into a single file using a program called CDex. Once they’re combined, you can then transfer them over to your phone using a USB cable.

That’s it! Now you can listen to your old favorites wherever you go. Remember to back up your music often, so you never lose anything important.

How Do I Play Music On My Phone?

So if you’re asking “how do I play music on my phone?” the answer is that there are lots of different ways! It’s important to understand what works best for you: a paid subscription service, a free radio app, or ripping your old CDs to your phone.

Of course, you’ll also need to work to a budget. So suppose you do decide to pay for a premium streaming service.

Or, you may opt for the free version with advertisements via a music app on your phone. Make sure you’re going to have enough data to stream your favorite tracks! Look at your data bundles.

Now you can enjoy all your favorite hits once more without worry! Keep reading for more awesome content on the go that’s music to your ears!

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