Microsoft Office for iPad Air

Microsoft has finally launched the most awaited new office software for i-pads. This software mainly consists of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and excel. All the new apps are made available to users and one can freely download without paying any charges. It is currently available in 135 markets in 29 languages, some of which are English, Dutch, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, and French, etc.

It helps in reading all the office formats and offers presentation mode for free. This new software has ultimately filled the gap between office software and smartphones. The content and formatting for documents remain the same while we are changing it. And to work upon the document which is stored online we do not need to be necessarily connected to a network.

We can easily edit the documents stored online by remaining offline and the changes made would automatically be saved once we get connected to any network or Wi-Fi.

1. Subscription to office 365

Though the apps are available for free to download and install it’s necessary to subscribe to Office 365 to access the editing features. Without a subscription, we can open documents from One Drive, emails, attachments, and even from the device itself.

We can also share the files and give PowerPoint presentations. Subscription to office 365 also includes the subscription to One Drive and One Drive for business accounts.

This subscription helps us to create our own documents and edit documents. With it, we can make quick changes in our word, excel, or PowerPoint documents.

2. Apps

All the apps designed in the software share information which facilitates us to use it easily and also learn and adapt to it quickly. Every app is defined in prevailing color interfaces.

Everything including menu items and button points is thoughtfully created for the software. This is one of the reasons why the software took a lot of time for its development.

3. Performance

Microsoft office for the new I pad air runs on it smoothly without any hang-ups. It is very easy to get started with the software. The new ’OPEN IN’ feature helps to display the emails and documents in the form as they are without any change in font and format. It also helps in loading directly a document that we have received in our email or anywhere else.

4. Excel app

Microsoft has provided chart recommendations for the excel app which facilitates the ability to view live charts that automatically updates data within the spread cells. It is also provided with a numeric keyboard for easy adding of equations and formulas.

5. Custom zoom control

This feature appears when we select a text and helps in accurately positioning the cursor for the required text selection which is comparatively difficult when we do with touch.

Office for iPad air is truly impressive and works very well. It is a decent collection of a full-featured set of apps that look and work naturally. Seeing all the above features and performance of the newly launched software we can see that it was a real necessity for all and has received positive responses from all over.

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