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Simple Guide to OgyMogy Android Spy app

The use of the android spy app is a necessary measure for all worried parents and employers. Here is a brief introductory guide about one of the most efficient spy apps the OgyMogy. The spy app offers features in the form of a bundle. Parental control features and employee monitoring features all are worthy of the hype. Just give it a try and decide for yourself if you need the addition of an efficient monitoring system in your work or parenting life or not.

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Text Log Feature:

Have access to the target text message folder with the text log feature of the OgyMogy. OgyMogy made it easy to know more about the teenager text context remotely.

LogBook Information:

With OgyMogy, users know about the call logbook of the target person. Know about any new entry or deletion in the logbook and keep your eyes on the call history of the teenager or employees with the OgyMogy android spy app. This feature can especially help to track employee who remains busy with long calls in the working hours.

Call Recording:

The call recording feature lets the user listen to any suspicious caller or call. You can know who your teen son or daughter calls at night or who is busy calling whom in the working hours.

Access to the Calendar Activities:

Get hold of the calendar data with the OgyMogy spy app. It let the user have access to the built-in calendar and its schedule. This feature is extremely useful to track all the habitual employees who like unplanned vacation or holidays.

GPS Location Tracking:

The location tracking feature offered by OgyMogy lets the user have remote access to the real-time location of the target person. For all of you who worry about the safety and protection of your teenagers, you can use this feature to make sure you know about the whereabouts and movements.

Safe Area:

The safe area feature lets the user mark a safe area on the google map for the target person. Any movement outside the safe zone will be recorded and reported to the user immediately. Moreover, you can even mark a restricted zone as well for the target employees.

WhatsApp Spy App:

The what’s app spy app is another useful feature offered for the monitoring of the WhatsApp chat folder of the target person. Use this feature and keep your eyes on the teenager’s WhatsApp folder to know bout their text message audio or video call etc.

YouTube Screen Recorder:

it is the hub of video need strict monitoring, especially for teenagers. Youtube screen recorder offered by the OgyMogy spy app helps the parents to know about the youtube activities of the teenagers.

Hangout Spy App:

Know about the hangout chat history and media details with the OgyMogy hangout spy app of the OgyMogy.

FaceBook Spy App:

Not on the social media app but want to know about the Instagram activities so your teenager.? Or If you want to track any employee who uses Instagram during working hours then use the FaceBook spy app to know about every activity of the target person.

Real-Time Screen Monitoring:

One of the most flourishing and useful features of the OgyMogy spy app is the real-time screen monitoring of the target person. Make surprise visits to the screen of the employees and teenagers and know about the activities. OgyMogy record the screen activities for the user in the form of short videos and snapshots. All the information is saved with complete timestamp information.

Track Internt Browisng History:

Track the internet browsing history of the target person remotely with the OgyMogy spy app. Know about all the visited sites of the teen and make sure no kind of sexual or adult content get in their access.

OgyMogy android spy app can be used to keep up with your teenager’s android life. It can be your secret weapon to monitor the employee’s work activities and to make them more honest and efficient with their work. Know about the different features and get it in an economical package.

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