Will Apple’s Next iPhone Trounce the HTC One?

For some time, the battle of the smartphones was between Apple and Samsung. A new player has entered the game, however. HTC’s Android-powered phones have been racking up impressive reviews, especially with the introduction of their newest device, the HTC One.

This device has been winning over smartphone users everywhere, and Apple is going to have to work hard to beat out this device when they release their next phone.

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For one thing, Apple’s Retina display no longer looks so good. When it was introduced, they made pretty impressive claims about the resolution’s sharpness – specifically, that when the phone is seen from “a reasonable distance,” the human eye would not be able to detect individual pixels at all.

When compared against the HTC One, however, the iPhone’s pixel density is not nearly as impressive, with a mere 326 pixels per inch to the One’s 468. If Apple wants to beat out the One, they should definitely look into improving the quality of the display.


Apple will have to step it up in other areas as well. The HTC One currently triumphs over the iPhone 5 not just in its display, but in its high-quality camera, its battery life, and it’s the extremely fast processor.

None of these are difficult fixes for Apple, but they will need to pay attention to all of them if they hope for their 2013 device to beat out the HTC One. This truly is a case where the little things all add up. The HTC One is just solid all around, with few bugs or feature issues, and with just a little work on their next device, the iPhone could hit that bar too.


There are other things Apple could do to win out, and they’re not all about improving the phone itself. Some rumors are flying about Apple lowering the price of the iPhones to compete against the other smartphones on the market. If that is indeed part of the plan, that would be an excellent strategy for Apple.

They may be losing out to other phones in hardware and features, but if they could lower their prices a bit, the brand is certainly strong enough to cause a surge in sales. Customers who had never bought a smartphone before might be far more tempted to splurge on the new iPhone if it was cheaper than the company’s devices have been in the past.

Budget Phone

If they don’t want to lower the cost of their flagship device, another option would be for Apple to create an entirely new budget-friendly device. With Samsung and HTC both offering a series of low-end phones to smartphone users who may not want to fork over much money, Apple is the only major smartphone retailer without any low-budget devices on the market.

This means Samsung and HTC are reeling in customers at low prices, while Apple is slowly turning into what some see as “a rich kid’s phone.” They can break that image and win back their title as the #1 smartphone provider, but it’s going to take some innovation on their part and a willingness to adapt their prices to a changing market.

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